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Mending is one of the tasks I dread most times and would put it off for months, sometimes years, sometimes totally forgotten or pretend to have forgotten.
But when I think about it, mending is pretty easy and is necessary if I want to continue wearing the garment. And it saves money too :)

Last week, I decided that it was time again to mend. This round, I chose 3 of my many unhappy garments:

  • a hole near the armhole of my Superman T-shirt
  • a loose hem on my work skirt
  • a hole at the bottom of zipper of my work pants

For this mending operation, I sewed by hand because I just felt like holding a needle and maneuvering it through the garment. It is one of those feelings you can't get if you were to use the machine.

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

Hole near the armhole of my Superman T-shirt

Here is the hole, right at the armpit area :P:

I have been wearing this holey T-shirt at home for the past year and thought it was time to mend it :D.

I turned the T-shirt inside out and gathered the fabric where the hole was:

I used a blue thread and started sewing about 1.5cm before the hole until 1.5cm after the hole. This is to ensure that the stitches around the hole does not fray easily.

I used backstitch because it is a sturdy stitch:

Here are some useful references on how to sew a backstitch:

and a reference Youtube video:

After working the stitches, it looked pretty alright:

And the armhole is now shut. But, if I were to have used the sewing machine, it would have been tighter but this works alright for me:

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

A loose hem on my work skirt

The hem of this skirt has frayed and it was flapping behind my knees whenever I walk. I have been ignoring it for a couple of months until I got annoyed and after its last laundry a few months ago, it has been sadly collecting dust on my sofa.


I picked up the needle, used a black thread and started stitching:

For the hem, I used a slanted whipstitch:

The whipstitch if done carefully can give slightly hidden stitches on the right side of the skirt:

This link gives some instructions on how to work the whip stitch (the first stitch described):

and a reference Youtube video:

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

A hole at the bottom of zipper of my work pants

Somehow, the stitches at the bottom part of the zipper has frayed and there was a hole. Whenever I pull the zipper, instead of zipping shut, the zipper followed my hands upwards:

I positioned the zipper against the pants and did backstitch along the sewing line just like the hole for my Superman T-shirt:

This was a little tricky to stitch because the original sewing was not neat.
It is interesting when you look closely at the stitches of garments you bought, you will notice how neat (or not) the workmanship was:

This zipper will do for now :D

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

Now that I have completed this round's mending operation, I feel pretty happy and contented because I can wear them again.

Until the rise of the next mending mood :D

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Mending... we all have a bunch of things waiting to be done... Kudos to you for pulling yourself together and just do it!

Yup and I still do 😅 Thank you!

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This was such a needed informational post on mending. I know some people that want to learn how to mend things like these (holes, loose buttons etc.) and they don’t realize how doable it is.

I love that slanted stitch you did and how it barely showed from the right side.

I tend to put off my mending as well because it can be tedious sometimes. But as you said it is definitely a money saver . Thanks for sharing ~

Thank you @crosheille! 😘 Yes yes, the slanted stitch can be very hidden if we are patient. I wanted to do a blind stitch which has a similar effect on the right side but they are quite hidden on the wrong side too but I was lazy haha.
I try to push myself on the money saving part and also I need to clear my room full of clothes that needs mending that has been piling up. But mood is a funny thing isn’t it? When there is no mood, you just don’t feel like doing much.
Happy weekend to you and family @crosheille! 😘

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My mom used to repair our clothes like this as well. I wish I liked it as well :)

You on the other side seem to love it :) And you also seem to be very good at it!

Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!

:) thank you @delishtreats. I like it when it is done because it means I can wear them again hehe.

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Relate with this forgotten some to mend, mine I keep for years.

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I still have some kept from years ago :D

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Thank you for your support! 😘

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All right, we have resteemed to thousand followers.. Thank you to choose us as your witness.

Thank you!

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Hello Hello!

Quite useful to say with total sincerity, it was very detailed

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you!

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A very useful and educational publication. I think you can help me with a flannel. Kind regards @marblely

Thank you and I hope it helps :)

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First: Hurray to you that you tackled the mending, I also find this tough 🌈🌈 ANd I am amazed how many stitches you know, I only know/use the back stitch. But with your explanation it is clearly understandable why one should use different stitches for different tasks... I guess I should learn... sigh (or put a big blanket over my mending pile 😱)

Yay!! It feels quite good to have completed these mending and the garments are no longer bumming around on my sofa 😁. And thank you for you sweet comment 😘 I like to explore different stitches and see the effects of each and it is amazing how many stitches there are out there!
You can do it! Lets mend! 😁

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That reminds me I have to mend things myself. Lovely details and photos to remind me of the techniques. Thank you.

Thank you @dmoonfire :) happy mending!

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Thank you!! 😘

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dear @marblely, great post !! I think we all have a drawer full of things to mend !! most of the time I keep them there for months, then I decide to throw them away, because my darns are really disgusting :-)) maybe I should apply a little more !!
keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Thank you @road2horizon! Haha I had the thought to throw them away too but the frugal part of me says no and so it stays there for years sometimes, collecting dust for some. Some are mendable but some are a challenge to mend but can be turned into something else :)

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yes, I love recycling! there is a girl I know who manages to create fantastic things with all the clothing that people normally throw away. but besides being a good seamstress she also has great creativity :-))