#needleworkmonday :: Cushion cover with hidden envelope using leftover fabric

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I love making covers, be it cushion covers or pillow covers or iron board covers or seat covers or any cover for that matter. For cushion and pillow covers, I prefer sewing envelope inserts instead of zippered ones because I felt it was simpler. And considering Christmas and New Year is near, I thought why not make a new one (yes another one!) to freshen up the look! :D

I had some leftover owls fabric from one of my previous cushion cover project and I also had in my stash, leftover sofa fabric which I bought at a discount in a furniture shop many moons ago. The leftover sofa fabric is a little glossy, just nice for a glossy Christmas :)


My plan was to join the two fabrics together and then I thought maybe I can make the owls fabric as the centerpiece and sort of hide the envelope insert. Usually, the envelope insert is at the back side of the cover but in this case, I am making it the front side of the cover.


~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

First, I measured my target cushion:

It measures 18 inches by 18 inches.
The fabric for this cushion cover has faded too and was begging for a new one :P

I made sure that the combination of both the fabric choices was sufficient to make the envelope cover for the cushion. By joining the fabric, I would have enough fabric to cover 18 inches of the cushion, front and back, plus an extra of 7 inches for the envelope insert plus seam allowance.

Before I joined the two fabrics together, I sewed the edges of each fabric that I was going to join to prevent them from fraying. Because I do not have a serger, I used an overcast presser foot to work the stitches, like the example shown in the video below:

On the other side of the owls fabric, I just did a quick hem by folding it in once because it already has a nice selvage edge:


Once that was done, I then sewed the two fabrics, right sides together, to join them:



Then, I pressed the edges of the joined fabrics flat to give it a nicer finish in the front:


The next step, I laid and folded the joined fabric to envision how the cushion cover would look like:


Then, I turned the fabric to the wrong side and started folding, making sure that the owls fabric is at the center:


I measured both sides to check that they were almost equal lengths, which meant that the owls fabric would be at the center:


Once I was happy with the position of the owls fabric at the center, I pinned the sides and started sewing them together:


I reinforced the stitches where the fabric meets at the envelope insert because usually the stitches around there would be easily torn if too much force is used to insert the cushion:


When the sides had all been sewn, I snipped off a bit of each corner to give the cushion cover a sharper corner after it has been turned inside out:


Then, it was time to turn.
I pressed the corners out nicely and laid it flat on the floor to take a good look:


And time to stuff in the cushion:




Front or back? Back or front? :D


~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

The hidden envelope insert, masked by the owls fabric pattern :)


Joy to the Owls!

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The owls are lovely and I just thought this would make a nice Christmas gift (although it involves a lot of work). Your how-to is wonderful and detailed and every time I read your post, I want to start to make a pillow myself and then my greedy self cries out ‚go, make more clothes‘ and I succumb 😂

Oo good idea to make these as Christmas gifts 🤔 it is pretty quick to make, less than hour! And you shouldn’t need to call sewing hotline for these because it is straight sewing :) no curves hehe. But it is okay because the clothes you make are beautiful!!

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This is awesome. I love how you used the owl fabric to hide the envelop insert . The contrast of the two fabrics look really fresh together. That silver gloss gave it a sophisticated look. Great job on the how to and process photos and Congratulations on another well deserved ocd/blocktrades vote! Whooo Hooo. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 🎉

Thank you @crosheille! 😘 It was a pleasant surprise to see the nice vote but very motivating. I am using the cushion cover now and they do look pretty glossy on the sofa 😁

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you Tailor yourself doing it
Really amazing
it is Beautiful and comfortable