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I was mending the pocket of a pair of shorts when my sewing machine suddenly started choking. The thread was getting all jammed up and stuck in the machine, catching my pair shorts along with it. Luckily, the machine had an auto shut-off function and it did just that as I was wrestling with the machine to pull my shorts to get the thread out.

In my frustration, I did not take a photo of it but it looked pretty much like this:
Image source

After I cut the thread off, I switched it off and left the machine for a day.
The next day, I figured that it was time to take a look what is going on with the machine. One's gotta do what one's gotta do, or else, there is no sewing machine to use!

First thing's first, the manual.
I had a hardcopy of the user manual but I also found an online PDF version of my sewing machine model too. I went to the section that talks about fabric and thread getting stuck. I also googled for some Youtube videos on how to fix thread stuck sewing machine. One suggestion was to clean the area below the presser foot because most likely the thread is stuck because the pathway is blocked by lint and dirt.

I removed the presser foot and the bobbin cover. Then, I used the tool that came with sewing machine - a disc-shaped screwdriver - to remove the screws.

And started removing the cover pieces one by one:


And there I saw the lint and dirt all around the area:


The machine came with a cleaning tool, one end brush...

... and the other end is pointed to scrape dirt from hard to reach places:

The lint sticks to the brush quite easily. There is so much dust and lint, collected over the years!

After about 30 minutes of brushing and wiping:

Once I was satisfied, I reinstalled the parts back:

And tried the machine again.
Darn! The bobbin thread is still stuck.


Arghhh...I have to leave the machine again to get some inspiration on how to fix this.

Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and Happy #NeedleWorkMonday!

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much @c-squared!

This is so annoying and I sadly have no solution. I remember to have had the exact same problem with the fabric getting eaten by the cover and bobbin. I also cleaned the machine but my problem was not dirt inside the machine neither the bobbin. I think I remember that the culprit was a too cheap thread which got tangled, ripped or got stuck inside the bobbin case. But it also could have been by chance that the machine worked ok with a different thread.
Could you call the shop where you bought the machine? Here the shops often offer support.

Oo thread quality can cause that to happen too? Darn. I took a look at the bobbin enclosure and noticed that there is this fluffy part of the enclosure that might have become too fluffy but I am not sure. Because when I moved the needle to try to pull the bobbin thread up, it gets stuck at the point of the fluffy part.
There is a brother shop that I can bring to I think but I haven’t tried. That would be my last resort. Thank you @neumannsalva 😘

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Good luck in your endeavors to get your machine fixed.

Thank you @lordvdr!

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Thank you so much!

I experienced this annoying part many times that I wanted to pull it all. Lol! It needs a lot of patience when you encounter this kind of situation.

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Thank you @sarimanok! I have not gone back to fixing it haha. One day some day soon. Else I will have to sew by hand.
I was pulling it actually and the whole machine moved and then I stopped and decided to use the scissors to cut.