Adjusting a Dress for a Better Fit and a Different Style.

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Sunday my daughter wanted to have a dress making session. She wants some new skirts which fit her figure, so I was going to be reverse engineering her favourite, and only, skirt. While I attended to my morning chores, she went through the boxes to pick out fabrics and had a pile waiting for me once I'd finished.

The first job was to make a pattern to work from. While I was looking for some interfacing to make them I remembered that she'd been given a dress that she wanted a little adjustment made to. She liked the patterning, but not the style. The label calls it a sack dress.


Because of the way it hangs from her ample bosom, it makes her look a little like she's pregnant, which isn't a desirable look for an 18 year old. At first she wondered how it would look with a belt, but while she was playing around with it she brought the sides together at the front and we liked the way the pattern fell.

It was a simple fix to put a popper button on, making it wearable either way. I got her to hold it together where she wanted it pulled in and marked it on either side with a safety pin. Then I let it drop to check they were level, adjusting slightly on one side.



I got her to put the safety pins together to double check it still looked how she wanted it, then sewed a popper button where the safety pin was on one side to show her how to do it. She sewed the other side while I got on with measuring her skirt for the pattern.

A simple alternation makes quite a difference.


For some reason my daughter was thinking we'd make a few skirts in the one day, but I had to give her the bad news that I wouldn't even have one finished. Here's a sneak preview of what I hope to have finished soon.



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Looks lovely. Bonus points for working outside.

The light's better outside. 😉😆

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I sewed a button on one of my work shirts Sunday night...So yeah...Looks like we're both awesome creators of amazing clothing...Possibly you a little more than me though.

I'll have 5 buttons to sew on soon. We'll have to swap tips. 😉😆

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That's a plan. 🙃

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Dress looks good. I miss sewing. I used to do heaps of it in Aus.

Ah to have an "ample bosom" instead of the pre-pubescent-ideal-candidate-for-a-boob-job look!

I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. I always feel a bit rushed when I do, these days, because there's always something else that needs to be done.

I’m discovering how hard it is to find clothes to fit large breasted, but slim women. My daughters were hoping to be small in that department, like me, but the genetics weren't on their side, because the rest of the women in the family are large! Poor girls.

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Yay for making a convertible dress out of an old dress XD

Did she think you'd be able to do a bunch of skirts in one day but they're actually harder than they look or were you just busy? :)

It's more time consuming than it looks. Had I had absolutely nothing else to do, I might have been able to finish one. Now I've got the pattern done it shouldn't be quite as long, but I'm sure there's only so many of the same style skirt she'll use. Her next challenge for me is to "make a dress from this picture of the top half from the front." 😒

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I love the new look of the dress! The fit is great and the changes work great with the pattern of the fabric. And I can't wait to sea the skirt :)

Sewing is thirsty work - have a !BEER

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The skirt is close to being finished. Just button holes and buttons now.

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How creative!

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Hey @minismallholding, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

That dress turned out wonderfully! I LOVE how the pattern came together. It's so lovely on her!

It's amazing the difference a simple adjustment can make.

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Oh wow look at the difference! It was such a good fix and fits her lovely now. Thanks for sharing about this alteration.

I think it’s great that your daughter wants to learn how to sew. We need to get back on our sewing lessons. My nine year daughter and I are learning how to sew together from my mom. She’s been seeing for over 30 years. Too bad I wasn’t interested in it back then or I would be a pro by now. 😄

I'm afraid sewing the popper button was about as far as she got. I did talk through what I was doing with the skirt as I went, but by the time I reached the sewing machine she'd moved on. She wants to learn, but only has so much of an attention span for it. 😆

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Haha that’s so hilarious! You have to entertain her while she’s interested! 😄

I don't know if it would work, style-wise, but the dress could be taken in at the back. But this makes it harder to button together. Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest ones. Well done here!

That would probably have been my first thought if she hadn't pulled it together at the front like that. It would have gathered at the back then, though, and wouldn't have allowed for the shaping at the front where it was needed.

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Great work mom, what a difference in the dress, so much prettier on her now.

I can't take all the credit. She came up with the style, I just worked out the means.

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I get you there, my daughter could be a designer. She started when she was oh maybe ten. She would go through the bags that I was sending over to the American Legion, to recycle and she would cut and tape different fabrics together and make the cutest outfits. That's when I taught her to sew, she still loves to sew and create things, but she's 28 now and working FT, so she's like the rest of us, short on time.
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