Woven Shoes ❤ "Made with Love" ❤

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¡¡Hello Everyone!! 😍

Weaving is a wonderful art, only our imagination is the limit ...
You can create anything beautiful as long as you have a lot of patience and dedication.
So today I present this step by step of woven shoes ❤ "Made with Love" ❤



To make these woven shoes you need:

• Nylon of your favorite color.
• Knitting needle.
• Soles.
• A hollow opening or needle to sew shoes.


The first thing you should do is open the gaps around the entire sole, I did it with a needle to sew shoes.


You will knit two low stitches in each hole, it will stay that way.


Since you finished the first round, you will knit low points.


You will do it until reaching 6 or 7 laps, that will be your stop.


For the front of the shoes you are going to knit in the base or previous chain, a low point if and in the other not, this with the intention of reducing and a nice detail will be left as well.


You calculate three or four fingers from the ankle to make a strip that will be an ornament


For the back you are going to knit as many laps as necessary to cover your heel, inside you are going to weave a rope.


This woven rope should be long enough to reach the other end.


Now you glue on the opposite side of where you made the rope a brooch or button, so that the shoe fits you just right, remember not to make your shoes wide or that you are loose because the fabric is stretched with the use, so cute my woven shoes were left ❤ "Made with Love" ❤



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What an amazing talent you have, @anasuleidy. These came out beautifully! We have #needleworkmonday here on STEEM, and I think you should look into it :)

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Thank you for the information, I will investigate right now... Thank you for your visit and support! A hug!!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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This is so creative, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all.
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