Blockchain Road Trip - Day 5(Erin-Ijesha Waterfall) -Part 2

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This is a continuation post from the Blockchain Road Trip Day 5 Part 1


Now we were no more together, we couldn't go back to check on those that went back and we couldn't see those that kept moving. We became worried and had to go get the guys that have gone ahead, this kept us moving until we eventually got to the 7th stage which we never wanted to reach.



We got to stage 7 but we still can't find our people. They were people living on the mountain, this was funny but still not funny because that mountain was extremely high. We came to Erin Ijesha Waterfall in Osun state and believe me on top of that mountain at stage 7 was a village in another state still Nigeria (Ekiti state).



This now made us turn back with the believe that our people will return when they can't see others following them.

On our way back, we weren't so happy because we didn't see the Waterfall itself, maybe we missed the right path to follow. With this unhappy mood, we were going back gently until we started feeling some coldness and hearing noises from the waterfall.



Finally we got there and the happiness seeing the Waterfall can't be explained. We took pictures, played in the water. Lol 😂, I really don't want to leave the water.


Visit to Erin Ijesha Waterfall was fun all through.

We met some of our people when we came out of the place and those that went far met us outside, in short we didn't return together as we went in. When everyone was out of the place, we all left together back to the guest house we lodged.

Blockchain Road Trip Day 5 was fun but stressful. Hiking isn't easy at all. Sadly my actifit app closed and I didn't noticed. All steps wasted. Lol

The End.

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