My worst 2019 investment and plans for 2020

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Jumping to the last wagon of moving train as usual with the entry to @kingscrown contest and took my old cover for some other steemit contest happened maybe year ago or more. Looks not bad by the way, counting jumping to moving train....

So was steem fun and does it remains same? I'm actually not any kind of financial investor, what I do investing into steem is my time, knowledge and my photography and about this kind of investments just my five cents to finalize the year 2019

I'm here over two years and if to forget current rate of the steem and look only into bulk SP figures, everything looks just very well. While hope dies last, I do consider my time spent on this platform is still a good investment into the future, sooner or later it may work

What was worse investment of my time? Most probably those twins of steemit: whaleshares, weku, bearshares. While having a lot of potential in the beginning, they are all practically dead by now with their own whales wars and circles. One more case was Narrartive, which is recently announced they cease their activity too. Well, basically not too much big loss for me, was actually copy/paste there from steemit posts and quite happy wasn't involved too deep to turn out from steem completely

It is still remains MINDS platform for blogging, but for me it is also very doubtful and have no idea if to continue to post there as well

Still remains more or less interesting all those steem-engine tokens. All have lows and highs, some have much better managements, some lost it at all. You could never know, though they do not require any special efforts being front-ends of steemit still. At this point so far still "playing" with them here or there...

What else of good? Have to mention Steemit based games.

DrugWars seems to be almost dead without upvotes support. It took a lot of time, but well, I was lucky to get certain profit on it, so let it stay in peace...
SteemMonsters (Splinterlands) is most valuable one at the moment. Playing over the year by now reached about 1K $ cards value. Not a golden hills, but still :) Just to mention it really takes a lot of free time sometimes
NextColony. Very slow developing , but finally since rewards seasons started, some profit can be touchable already, well, not too much anyway, but still some fun to play on daily basis

And what plans for 2020? Just to keep steeming. I do feel it is still much better than blogging at usual social networks like facebook or instagram. They are almost forgotten by now anyway, paying much much less attention there after they implemented all those new algorithms

Finally steem it remains quite fun with constantly changing environment, new projects, new HFs and whatever else. You will never have to relax here, every day brings new tasks to settle...

At the end want to wish everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR and yeah.. STEEM TO THE MOON???!!!! Hope still exist....

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