[Esp-Eng] Extrañándote. / Missing You.

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Saludos amigos de steemit.

Greetings steemit friends.

A veces estamos más sentimentales que otros días. Tal vez sea que Diciembre se acaba de ir, y como es costumbre pasarla en familia, este mes de enero he extrañado aún más a mi hermana.

Sometimes we are more sentimental than other days. It may be that December has just left, and as is customary to spend with my family, this January I have missed my sister even more.

Hoy ella me mandó estas fotos, él es mi sobrino Nelson. Lo conozco por whatsapp solamente, mi hermana tuvo que irse del país cuando tenía 3 meses de embarazo, porque aquí la situación ya estaba empeorando. Mi sobrino nació allá en Perú, así que tengo un sobrino Peruano.


Today she sent me these photos, he is my nephew Nelson. I know him by whatsapp only, my sister had to leave the country when she was 3 months pregnant, because here the situation was already getting worse. My nephew was born there in Peru, so I have a Peruvian nephew.

Aquí está mi hermana, la verdad es que la extraño mucho y ella me escribe que nos extraña también, en especial a nuestros padres.

Here is my sister, the truth is that I miss her a lot and she writes that she misses us too, especially our parents.


Ojalá pudiéramos reunirnos nuevamente, abrazarnos fuertemente y hablar de tantas cosas, así como lo hacíamos antes, ya que tenemos 3 años sin vernos. Pero todo depende de la situación acá en Venezuela. Lo bueno es que en Perú le ha ido bien y es lo importante. Ha conocido personas que se han portado muy bien con ellos y eso se lo agradezco a Dios.

I wish we could meet again, hug each other tightly and talk about so many things, as we did before, since we have not seen each other for 3 years. But it all depends on the situation here in Venezuela. The good thing is that Peru has done well and it is important. He has met people who have behaved very well with them and I thank God.

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I can only imagine @blessed-girl, how difficult it must be to deal with separated family members, due to conditions in your country. Not only do you miss your sister, but I would imagine the opportunity for your children to play with their cousins is missed greatly as well.

We continue to pray for our Lord's will in all things and that your country will be freed from tyranny. When that day comes, as you wrote in the very first post I ever read from you, then it will be up to the Venezuelan people to demonstrate what they have learned for their future.

Por eso es que nos sentimos vivos. Cuando amamos, extrañamos, reimos, lloramos, nos disgustamos. Somos un ser viviente empaquetado dentro de emociones, y no las emociones dentro de nosotros.

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