A little bit about where we're at, an announcement, and where we're planning to go

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Welcome Bro's, to the cave.

The Man Cave is for Bro's, young and old, tall and small.

We're planning a huge overhaul to the cave. I invited @bearbear613 in and he nearly had a heart-attack with the amount of feelings in that place, so we've decided to dress it up a bit manlier -- wherever that may take us.

If you've been in the cave before you'll have noticed that a lot will have changed when we get set up finally. We plan to do a lot of creative stuff. Podcasts, guests speakers, competitions, giveaways, raining events.

There is going to be lots of perks for holders of bro in the cave, and perhaps similarly a progression route for non-holders. Call it a "right of passage" but we've yet to come to any conclusion on this so far. All of that and more to come.

A Bit about current and future Brofunds

We've sold a few coins so far, and with that we've taken the Steem we earned and put it into funds that should help us grow this account. Here is a snapshot of our bro-holdings so far:

As our account grows, our SP will grow too. We will be looking to "buy back" bro at a later date after it's all sold.

Also, I plan to send any liquid steem from my @raymondspeaks account into here for further growth. Whether that's powering up more, or buying a few nice solid coins.

Social Media

Our website is in development here:  https://themancaveproject.com/ , which will be released and open to the public next week combined with brand new "bro paper." This should give you an in depth appraisal of our plans and future prospects.

- Facebook

I have had a steadily growing influx of Facebook fans through doing absolutely nothing. As it stands I'm growing at a rate of between 1 and 10 fans per day, and it's just getting more.

So I think I'm going to start heavily promoting through this avenue once it all gets going. Facebook has made me secure my account for this page because the potential for enormous numbers is high. I'll be quite excited to get rolling with this one.

- Twitter

Once I can manage to get my mobile phone fixed I am going to set up a twitter account for brocoin to create awareness.

Funnel System & Patreon

I realise with the Man Cave there is a heavy potential to grab a lot of non-crypto users, especially from interested people from social media. 

I want to take advantage of this by funnelling them into a system where I can get them to be Patreons whilst allowing them the option of not getting involved in the crypto element. However there will be ample hooks on the discord to wet their whistle.

We have been thinking of something of tiers, like the system on Patreon where if you pay $20 per month you get a free t-shirt, a rank on discord and an optional amount of bro.


Is planned in the future. We are already in the midst of looking at ways to design manly mugs & tees for the bro's.

Future plans

In a few weeks we should have our very first tipping bot. Owners of brocoin will be able to tip posts they like with some friendly bro!

I'm also learning to code, and I have a part-time coder on-site, so finally, months and months down the line we should have our very first dapp.

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Looking forward to trolling feminists, vegans, and soy-boys. And getting paid!


  • or am I?

Lol! I'm in for plenty of that!

Tut, what are you like, huh? ;)

Take a guess.

A Brofund? A Man Cave? Am I really seeing this? Lol! What a wonderful initiative and about time too. Everything is geared towards women these days so it makes a refreshing change to come across this. I applaud you and I hope this project is a huge success. Count me in.

Awesome! You seem to have the same ideas as us. Here's a link to our discord. We're just getting started so excuse the mess haha. https://discord.gg/qd8J2x3

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