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I got real excited and bought 4 more PHOTOM yesterday, price had gone up to 125 each but they still seem pretty solid. There was a significant market run on the miners and we are now sitting at just about 400 of the 500 max number of miners staked. Profits on PHOTOM should settle in to what we can expect over the long term. My guess is we end up around that 1.5% per day mark, which is a fabulous ROI over a long period.

I've also decided to remove one token from my curation list after some fairly negative interactions in my comments yesterday. This article series wasn't designed to attack certain tokens but was intended to simply be a way for me to distribute some information to other members of the community. If I can display positive returns for a token, it's more likely to promote that token. If I exclude a token, that eliminates any possible exposure for that token from me. It is not my responsibility to promote tokens and communities but I do enjoy promoting the communities I like and the tokens I'm making a profit with. In the future I will try to refrain from discussing my plans with each individual token reward. I still want to talk about what I'm purchasing and powering down but will do my best to refrain from other discussions.

Apologies for that little tangent but I really felt like getting that off my chest.

Values on the chart below are all in Steem

CoinInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

Big surprise for me today was LIFESTYLE, I don't think I have any author rewards for LIFESTYLE in this period and that's about 4x what I had for my return yesterday. I've been powering down my LIFESTYLE miners but maybe they are better than I thought? Maybe just a really lucky day, who knows.

PHOTO came way back to reality dropping from 6.74% yesterday down to 2.64%. We expected this number to drop quite a bit but was hoping it would hold out a bit longer.

And now onto curation!

Values for curation are listed in tokens.

CoinStakedDaily ReturnDaily ROI

Felt like a very good day curation wise. I'm extremely happy with SONIC as both a miner and for curation. I really had no idea what to expect when i started my curation accounts but I thought hitting a 1% return per day would be pretty lofty. So far I've been very happy with my returns and honestly felt like they would decrease at a very steady pace. Instead they have been maintaining fairly well and I'm slowly building up a stake in several different tribes. I will probably spend a bit of time touching up my curation on the weekend, mainly just to check if I need to add or remove accounts from each. I also might attempt to switch the website I'm using for voting to see if I can get a bit more efficient.

That's it for today, hope at least someone out there found some of this information useful!

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