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First up I just wanted to talk about the new tool @cadawg added to The website that allows you to see exactly what rewards you are getting from your S-E tokens. I'll be using it for some of my coins moving forward so we can clearly see what the returns are for mining.

I think I should be adding in a column on my chart for the number of miners I own. Since a few of the miners have changed significantly in value it might be easier to interpret the data based off the number of miners in use. For example, I own 9 NEOXAGM which cost me 3692 Steem. Right now you could never buy them for that price and last time I checked they were listed for 15,000 Steem, not a realistic sell price but likewise 400 Steem isn't a realistic buy point. I would be open to any input on what information you would like to see on this blog and what is most useful to you.

CoinMinersInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

PHOTO is still the top performing miner. The price of the PHOTO token hasn't settled down yet so I expect the mining returns to continue to fluctuate. I bought another PHOTOM this morning at 200 Steem because I still think they are good value and this will bring me to 10 total miners which is just a nice round number.

In case you missed it I've decided to stop reporting on my curation rewards. Too many random variables involved so I don't want to be tossing the numbers around at the moment. I'm happy to share with anyone exactly what I'm doing in terms of curation or do my best to answer any questions any one has on curation or mining in general.

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I’m getting FOMO reading your reports! !giphy screaming

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My experience for the most part is get in early or wait for the next tribe.

I’ll mirror your trades then blame Bwar when it goes wrong. #Flags4u

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