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Well my rewards jumped way back up today so we are going to write off yesterdays results as a byproduct of HF21. I had a huge reward for NeoxAg today and I think I won over 50 rewards in the past 24 hours, a bit of an anomaly but I'll take it. I think today is over double what I did yesterday so pretty happy with everything again. The tribes ecosystem is a bit of a rollercoaster that should slowly level out over time. I've said numerous times but all of these miners will have diminishing returns as time goes on. I hope that they retain their value, most miners have retained or even increased in value so whenever I decide to pull the plug on things, I should be able to get my investment back.

I'm not buying any more miners this week, unless something crazy lands in my lap, and I'm trying to save up for some more CK tokens before they do their mega draw on the 1st. Lots of prizes and the tokens don't go away after the draw so I'm all in. Here's a link to the contest announcement.

Values are in Steem.

CoinMinersInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

Yeah those numbers are a complete 180 from yesterday. It's weird to think I was sad about a 1% return over a 24 hour period, that is just a crazy return overall and happens to be our down day. I doubt we will stay this high for tomorrow but it would be pretty cool if we could string together a few days of these high rewards. NEOXAGM was really trying to close the gap on PHOTOM today but still couldn't quite get there.

I'm pretty damn happy about today's haul. If you have any questions, ask them right now because I'm in a good mood.

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Do the Photom dance :-)
And Spaco above 1 as well. Good times