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It's the weekend so this is more of a lunchtime token counting. I claimed 2-3 hours later that I usually do so my number are probably a touch higher than usual on a few of my coins. Overall easily my best day of claiming since I got into S-E tokens. No rants stored up today, so let's jump straight into our results.

Values for this chart are in Steem.

CoinInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

Huge jump in the PHOTO price and a larger claim than yesterday, leads us back to some pretty impressive numbers. 5.90% is a massive return for one day. I don't even get 5.90% for an entire year at the bank. On top of that I had a massive pile of NeoXAg this morning, my total claim was over 100 Steem worth including my posting rewards. Very happy with my results today.

Going to skip curation today just because I'm late and leaving right now. I probably won't do any claiming on those accounts so tomorrow we will see what my returns are over 48 hours.

Now let's all watch the hodlman dance!

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Love these numbers :-)
Funny that even at the ridiculous Spaco price it still outperforms many other miners. Spanish Triibe is re-inventing itself so i have high hopes these numbers will go up as well soon.

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why create a coin if you do not want people to sell it
Guess how many i am going to buy now.

People can sell he was abusing the system people are selling and buying my coin daily this is just the beginning I'm waiting on new people who are joining from other social networks

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Which blacklist is this? Aren’t you free to trade as you please?

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Of course he was just abusing the system

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  ·  11 months ago Reveal Comment

What does blacklisting even mean? what do you do with your liquid photo token power up or sell?

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see above comment ;-)


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