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I started some power downs yesterday. GGM, IVM, LEOMM, STEMM & ZZANM are now in the process of powering down and will be sold once I get them back. I just feel like I want to be chasing the 1% per day right now because I know the crazy high returns on many of these tokens just isn't sustainable. Gotta get them tokens while I can!

Quick shout out to @engagegametech who sent me a message yesterday. They are behind schedule and are still finishing preparations for getting mining off the ground. As a bonus to early adopters, they sent out a round of bonus miners to everyone who had purchased early as a thank you for the investment. I staked up my new miners and look forward to the start of mining.

(Values in Steem)

CoinInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

My NeoXAg earnings keep sliding and I'm not really sure why. The number of staked miners hasn't changed as far as I know but my piggy bank has been getting smaller with each passing day. SONIC now seems like the mining king after being at the top for so many days in a row. I think I will buy some more today. Also had a large increase from CCC today, which I think was a matter of me having good luck. SPACO has also settled in with a very nice return.

The ZZAN number is a bit deceptive today since this is the first day we've actually seen a return from those miners. I'm still sticking with my power down.

I'm also fairly disappointed in my LIFESTYLE miner. The market really went to town on buying LIFESTYLE and I think I will likely be powering down and selling since the value of the miners was going up quite quickly.

And now for some curation!

(Values in individual tokens)

CoinStakedDaily ReturnDaily ROI

The curation result almost look like they decrease with tribe age. Only real outlier there would be SPORTS. I'm guessing it has broke the trend because it doesn't support mining and all the rewards are from posting/curation. There will likely be a lot of fluctuation in the curation numbers. The rewards are from my votes a week ago which had lower stakes than I had today and that's not really something I want to keep tracking. I will keep having the curation on these daily reports but I have very low confidence in any of the data I'm presenting. It's like hey check out what happened a week ago!

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Looking forward to a weekly report to see how each token performs over a longer period. Where's the Spaco curation results?

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