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Happy Sunday everyone! I've been getting lots of people messaging me on discord with questions about mining and tokens. I totally don't mind. If you want to contact me feel free to do so! Tribes and tokens are a bit confusing when you first tackle them. I jumped in totally blind and got very lucky when I started but if I did have more knowledge when I went in, I absolutely would have made fewer mistakes. bwar#7023 on discord or leaving comments on any of my posts and I will answer. I'm no expert but I'm happy to help.

Just a reminder that these values are in Steem and the price I use is the value I could sell the tokens for immediately. I typically don't sell for that price but I feel like it is the most accurate way to deliver this data. This data is personal experience and fluctuates wildly day to day.

Bought another 50 Steem worth on SONICMM, they are still 5 Steem each and look like they are mining at a steady rate. There is a high supply of SONICMM but while the usage stays low, I will keep on mining with them.

CoinInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

Pretty much the same overall from yesterday. Had a few token prices increase which helped a little bit today. The new SONICMM's didn't have a full day of mining so that total might increase tomorrow.

Sunday Bonus, I will add my returns for the week moving forward. Note: this week only has six days of data, and no adjustment has been made for miners I purchased more of midweek (CTP, SONIC, SCT, LM).

CoinInvestmentWeekly ReturnWeekly ROI

Numbers are a little wonky for this week and next week I will keep data for the entire week and hopefully can have some more accurate data. I think this will be good to see moving forward to help average out some of the highs and lows in our data.

And now time for our curation data. A few of our curation accounts need a bit of maintenance. It's hard to find accounts that exclusively post under certain tags. I don't want to murder my VP too hard as well so trying to find the proper number of accounts to curate on each account has been tricky. Hopefully I get a bit better at it moving forward. I'm not going to keep a log of data for weekly curation reports. Our stake in each token is changing daily and I'm constantly making changes to what I'm doing. Maybe once I get a bit more stable I will find a way I'm happy with tracking curation for a weekly report.

Values are in tokens for the curation numbers.

CoinStakedDaily ReturnDaily ROI

I've tried to remove any post rewards I received from each curation account. I do make the occasional post on my curation accounts when I'm trying to find new accounts to curate. I don't necessarily look for accounts that are getting the biggest rewards, I just want accounts that are always using the tags. If you are looking to do some curation on your own, I would recommend learning a bit about how each tribe distributes their tokens. I think the best long term curation is going to come from tribes with no mining. I don't personally know which tribes those are but I think the only one I'm curating is SPORTS. Another plus for a tribe like SPORTS is that since it is very specific, it can be easier to find good accounts to curate.

Well that's it for today. If there is any information you'd like me to explore let me know. I'm open to experimenting on different tokens and happy to dive into the unknown.

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It's impressive that you can keep track of so many different tribes and curation within each! Mind you, I only do this on a pretty part time basis, and "tribes" are still new to me.

Bright Blessings and good luck to you!

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What are all your curation accounts so I can just follow with mine.

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Thanks for the report.
You calculate the ROI on the price you can sell them for? Which means the highest buy order price?

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