Bwar's Totally Awesome Contest

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Congrats to all our winners from yesterday @ctrpch @tormenta @sumatranate & @ironshield. 50% votes and 1 SBI for all four.

Today isn't going to be quite as amazing but let's keep this train rock. 30% votes for 30 days and 1 SBI. All you have to do is drop me a link to your #neoxain aritcle to win. This is real easy and I'd like to think the prize is worthwhile, let's see if we can get a few entries today.

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Thanks for running great contests! Honored to receive a prize!

Not sure I can win back-to-back days, but if so, here is another post:

of course you can!

Hi @bwar, a small upvote and a tip.
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Dropping in a link that I think is worthy:

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