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Some more lunchtime token claiming today. I might have stayed up until 7am watching the grand final of Ti9, I'm actually a little impressed I'm awake and semi functional right now.

Overall this was a very good week for me. Added the PHOTO miners to my stable of miners and they are mining at an incredible rate currently. The entire PHOTO tribe is booming and I'm very happy about my decision to join the tribe. Very happy with my returns right now and I'm hoping they can stay high for a period of time.

CoinInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

As you can see, PHOTO is still going crazy, only a few PHOTOM's left for sale at 200 Steem each and they are still a very good deal. I might buy one or two more depending on how many tokens I end up selling today. If they are all sold before I have enough, I'm considering grabbing more SONICMM, eventually the returns will diminish on those but for whatever reason they didn't really sell well and as a result the returns are still quite nice.

As a side note, I noticed that NEOXAGM are current;y listed at 15,000 Steem each, a pretty unrealistic number but kinda funny to think that I own 135k Steem worth of NEOXAGM.

It's Sunday so I'm also sharing my weekly returns for this past week. A few notes, I'm going to remove all the miners that I'm powering down. Also despite having a ridiculous number below, I don't have a full week of mining done with PHOTO so my results should actually be higher.

Values are in Steem.

CoinInvestmentWeekly ReturnWeekly ROI

That's more or less the core of my mining list. I want to keep anything that's giving me around 0.50% or higher per day. UFM is hovering right around that mark but I like the tribe so I'm happy to keep going with them. Last few days my rewards have been slowly increasing so still pretty happy with that.

PHOTO and NEOXAG are the two miners driving all of my earnings right now. I also have quite a bit invested in those two miners so I'm glad they've remained productive. My goal moving forward is to keep investing while staying over the 1% per day barrier. I think that will get more difficult over time but that is my goal and all of this mining and tribes has me very excited for Steem right now. SMT's? nah we don't need those! S-E tokens for life!

Missed my curation yesterday so this will be a double shot today.

Values are in tokens.

CoinStaked48hr Return48hr ROI

Not much to report on the curation side of things. I'm debating bot sharing this information just because it's very dependent on too many random variables. My staked token totals are usually much higher than they were a week ago when the curating took place. I have no control over other people upvoting the same articles I do. And I can't consistently say I used 20% of my voting power during any given day. I'm not going to stop curating but I think I will remove this information moving forward. Besides let's all be real, everyone is here for the mining!

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why did we sell all those miners?
We should have kept them ourselves. ;-)

That week total is for 4 days right?
Calculate that for a full week and it would be over 30%.

The last 40 miners have been split into 4 groups of 10.
Only 9 left at 200 steem.

I think it's about 4 and a half days. Amazing returns to those 100 steem miners.

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Hey very good info and analysis. This is serious stuff!