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Big day yesterday leads to tiny day today, what a roller coaster. Less than half the number of reward claims on NeoxAg compared to yesterday and significantly less return overall. Prices on a few of my tokens also dipped which just compounded my results in a negative fashion.

I bought up my CK tokens yesterday so I will be heading into savings mode now. I will be dedicating a bit of time on the weekend trying to learn how to create a script that pulls data on S-E tokens, not trying to rewrite the wheel so hopefully I can learn and figure out what the hell I'm doing in short order. Just a matter of finding the right tutorials now.

That's all my news for the day, lets dive into the tokens!

All values are in Steem.

CoinMinersInvestmentDaily ReturnDaily ROI

Under 1% again and I seem to be at the mercy of the mining lottery gods this week. My most consistent miner is UFM since it doesn't pay out on the lottery system but instead pays out on a fixed rate, not my most profitable but by far the most consistent. I believe the rewards for UFM are also going to be paid out as liquid UFM from now on so I will be interested to see what that does to the market.

One thing we haven't seen yet in the S-E tribes, as far as I know, is a Proof of Stake tribe. I see some tribes having a hard time retaining value in their token and I think that PoS would at least partially fix this. Right now the incentive to hold your tokens is a slowly increase in voting power. Downside is one person powers up for greater rewards while other people dump sell their tokens and drive the price down. In a PoS system, you would have two reasons to stake your coins and it might alleviate some of that downward pressure. Essentially you'd end up with a token, that was a miner that mined miners. Pretty simple right? So why haven't we seen this yet? Creating tribes is pretty expensive and the creators need a way to recoup their investment, selling miners is the simple path to achieving that and for the most part the easiest method to understand. I hope someone tries to create a PoS tribe in the near future!

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I powered up some CK tokens also, after meeting the founders the other night, great hard working team with a fantastic vision.

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I'm hoping I can snag a few prizes when the draw happens