Cat Make Kittens - The End of the Ritual

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Their have been accusations being thrown around about our ritualistic ways and what exactly happens to KITTENS when they are sent to the null. It has been described as both "burning" and "sacrificing" KITTENS. As our empire expands and grows stronger we always knew that change would come and that we would have to adapt alongside that change. Today we see the first of those changes as we ban the rituals and KITTENS will no longer be sent to the null. Each KITTENS will now enter into a youth development program and the top graduate from that program will be returned to you. The other KITTENS will help us run this operation behind the scenes.

I hope this alleviates all of you concerns over the rituals. Now it's time for us to evolve past our old ways and focus on advancing the empire.

A message from @catscientist

Our trading rate is now 20:1.

Had a few incorrect trade in's yesterday and I will refund any additional KITTENS sent in. I'd also like to not that KITTENS need to be sent into @catsmakekittens. I'm happy to correct any errors for KITTENS sent to @null or @catscientist but I don't monitor the transactions for those tow accounts so if KITTENS are sent their by error please let me know and I will send you CATS or KITTENS as needed.

A big shout out to our rival token CAT for sharing a nice summary of @catsmakekittens recently. I've resteemed and added them as our first entry into this weeks bounty. The bounty is 10 KITTENS and will be split by anyone with writes a blog about @catsmakekittens and shares it with me in the comments.

I'm going to try and get some of the automation for the tribe off the ground this week. First step will just be for KITTENS distribution and then I will work on automating the KITTENS for CATS trading.

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What a relief... no more ritual sacrifice and no more burning those poor KITTENS in the void! But wait... does that mean some of those KITTENS will eventually be re-issued to new CATS breeders now?!

Either way, hoomans are just way too damn unreliable and not very good with numbers either, so automating the token's basic functionality is definitely a solid idea! Maybe all those KITTENS stuck in training can help... then again... that might lead to even more tangled yarn... hehehe.

P.S.: I just noticed, your title here reads: "Cat Make Kittens" ... that's neither factually accurate nor grammatically correct. Come on, don't make it even more confusing!

BAH! Missed that little typo.

The KITTENS sent in will become workers for @catsmakekittens. We need the manpower to keep this ship afloat!


I have to admit that I am happy to see this development!

If there was one thing I always felt a little nervous about — being a cat, myself — it was this "ritual" with the kittens. So two paws up for the new procedure!


I'm happy to have received my first CATS from the youth development program, today. The Kittens I sent were all fine felines but I had a feeling this certain one would be returned to me as a CATS and sure enough, I was right! Glad to know the other Kittens are running the operation. They will go a great job.

Good luck in the automation process! What language are you planning to use to read and write to the Steem blockchain? I like javascript but python is popular as well.

I'm thinking javascript and I will probably be asking for a bit of outside help since my coding skills are severely outdated.

There's lots of good resources out there. And I am willing to help if I can. Hit me up with questions if you want. 👍

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Hello, congratulations on this project, I won 10 KITTENS from a friend, I would like to turn it into CATs to receive upvotes and generate more kittens, and I also intend to buy more CATs soon. Or from what I read, is it no longer possible to do this? How I do? Thanks.

It's still possible and the process remains the same. The trading rate changes every day but currebtly sits at 20 KITTENS for 1 CATS. Just send them to @catsmakekittens when you have enough and the next morning you will get 1 CATS.

Thanks. Got it, so I need 10 more to have a Cats, the kittens alone do nothing? To get upvotes and get new kittens I need 1 Cats...

LOL. I'm glad to know we don't need to call the ASPCA on you. ;) Now all these kitty tokens can take over the world in harmony! :)

Automation would make things much easier, that's for sure. I sent in 19 kittens before the ratio change, but still no cat. ~sadface~

I'm sending them right now! You still get the original rate.

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love to hear about the changes! I was already wondering how many Kittens will be lost along the way of becoming a fully developed CATS...
As I announced earlier, I want to make a post about CATS sharing my thoughts on it and making some suggestions for improvement...
Because I run out of Ressouce Credit on a regular manner, I will do an "all-in-one"-post later this week, but I need to power up or save some rc first.
Keep the good news coming!

Those pesky RC's!