Cats Make Kittens - Pressure To Evolve

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With each passing day, the pressure to evolve grows stronger. We cannot sit still as an empire. We must continue to move forward. We will be focusing on that advancement for the next few coming days. I can feel that a big breakthrough is on our horizon. Cats are resourceful creatures.and we will find a better way.

Seems like we had another adoption wave and there are just a lot of CATS running all over the blockchain right now. We are getting pretty consistent with our daily rituals and seeing some adoptions happening every day. Very happy with how things are going and now it's time to focus on making the experience better for everyone involved!

A message from @catscientist

Trading rates are now at 19:1.

Our voting account is up over 80k NeoxAg after we received another 10k NeoxAg delegation. I'm hoping we can get to 100k in the near future.

Last day for our weekly bounty. Write a post about @catsmakekittens and you will get a potion of our 10 KITTENS bounty. I liked having this bounty available for the community and I think I might try to keep doing a weekly bounty for everyone to participate in.

Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome and I will do my best to reply to all of you!

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This is the article I wrote.

I updated the voitng rules this morning but will try to go back to get you an extra vote.

the votes come from me @catscientist

really like to see the progress. it is quite interesting to me how you can really see the advancements with the tokwn on a day-by-day base. the price rising again, the growing power in neoxag, you guys are really starting to pick up pace, keep it up!

oh, and by the way, I am sure you missed it, but I did not receive my 1 CATS today. I sent 18 Kittens yesterday at 13.9.2019,18:56:57, TxID c26c9be8ea115422f7b0483aa30f2059e3561bf1, Sidechain Block 1856287. Can you please check? I received my Kittens as usual, but 1 CATS went missing... I hope it has not got lost on the way home...
I already sent another 18 Kittens today, but this is a different Transaction, of course... ;p

My mistake, I had you on the list to send this morning, not sure what happened. Glad you caught the error!

thanks for the quick and easy response! never mind, mistakes can happen to everyone...

It's great to see that CATS are now up to the 19 Steem level; evidence that we will take over the Universe! I think the post/bounty was a good idea, too... mine has been re-steemed, I know... everything helps.

Meanwhile, rounding up another set of KITTENS to send to you for guidance on their ritual journey to the Null.

Happy Caturday!

the next kittens are on their way to you. I hope the kitten arrive safely.

Hello, I have ten CATS, but I don't seem to get the upvote of @CatScientist?