Cats Make Kittens - The First Bounty

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A message from @catscientist

Trading rate remains at 19:1

Our first Bounty is finished up and ended up with a nice number of entries. I'd like to share them all with you today instead of our regular post.

First up we have @honoru who wrote us a nice post which I brought in some new faces to the @catsmakeskittens community:

Next up we have a post from a dog? Not sure what was happening here but we appreciate the love nonetheless:

We had a very nice post from @hykwf678233 sharing some of the basics for @catsmakekittens:

Each participant with received 4 KITTENS as a thnak you for helping to spread the word about @catsmakekittens.

We will be rolling this bounty over into this week and once again will be offering up a 10 KITTENS bounty for anyone who shares an article about @catsmakekittens. If you wish to win the bounty just leave me a link to your article and you will be entered!

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PSA: CAT is not CATS - There are some new CATS on the blocks.

Maybe you've already noticed? I made a post about CATS, too 😸

The names are a bit confusing. I hope people haven't been buying the wrong ones!

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Thanks buddy, happy to help spread the word.

Hi catsmakekittens,
thanks for your nice project. I gave 4 cats a new home ;-)
5 days ago i send you 17 Kittens for changing it into 1 cat; like described in your post
The cat didn´t reach me until now, can you please check it? Here´s the transaction from steem engine - Thanks a lot!

Went to the wrong account! I will make the correction for you and send you the additional KITTENS that would have been made. In the future please send the KITTENS to me @catsmakekittens

Sorry and thanks a lot!

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