Cats Make Kittens - Unsure about transactions

in neoxian •  11 months ago 


I might be a bit behind on CATS transactions today since it seems my latest data is from around 6 hours ago. I will try to ensure everything is corrected once I have a record of the missed transactions.

Well as soon as I started writing this I got all the information.... Sending the rest of the CATS out now. Apologies for the delay today everyone.

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Thank you.
Maybe it have some problem on Steem-Engine. Steem-engine was down a few hours.

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Hi do I need to do anything besides have CATS on s-e and use the neoxian tag to start getting upvotes from @catscientist? Just wondering because I haven’t got any upvotes since acquiring 1 CATS and post using the neoxian tag.

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I only update the voting about once a week. You might not be on the voting list yet.

I just found out about this cool little thing, I bought 24 kittens and sent it to this account :)

Soon I will be a proud owner of my first cat.

Btw when are cats sent usually, still waiting on my cat from the 24 kittens I sent

I send them around noon my time. so only happens once per day.