Chronocryptos Dystopian Stories + AudioBooks

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I would like to share with you some of my current work on steemit.
I have complied a list of my Dystopian stories plus the audio-books of them.

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Clone A-2@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Beta JR World's AI Server@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Technology and its upcoming dystopian effects@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
The Creation Animid Unit S-01@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
A Donald Marshall Inspired Story.@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Singularity@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Corporate Conglomerate Dystopia@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
AI Drones@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Current Tech leads to Dystopia@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Robots and their rights@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Minds Can be Hijacked @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Reptile Alien Precursors – Alien POV@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Reptilian Alien Precursors- Human POV @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Artificial Humans@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Dystopium: It’s not better, it just feels that way @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
2045- year of the apes, ft. Dr. Chrono@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Dystopia new species of humans@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Steampunk Dystopia – Only “useful” inventions@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Futuristic Dystopia – Literary Expression banned@chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Dr. Chrono discovers how to stop human aging @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
The Meth Effect, cheating humanity @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Chronometrics Chapter 1 @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Chronometrics Chapter 2 @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces
Chronometrics Chapter 3 @chronocryptoListen Here@voraces

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