Tulcan Cemetery in Ecuador.

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Hello friends

One of the things that characterize me is that I love to travel and know beautiful places that make my spirit happy, and fill me with peace, emotion and learning. I have visited many tourist, natural, significant, spiritual and cultural places since my arrival in a new country, called Ecuador / Quito.Today I show you a super place Tulcán Cemetery.

In the first stay, I can tell you that I learned there with some guides Ecuadorians The Cemetery It is a combination of sculptures carved in green (cypress), combined with the holy field with a Greek, Egyptian, Inca, Arabic, and natural forms.

Here you can see figures referring to the fauna of the Galapagos Islands, idols and masks of the indigenous cultures of Ecuador, arches, gothic columns, among others. I loved it. I think that this landscape of natural figures that covers 400 cypress bushes is an amazing work of art.

In 1936, these leafy trees of this natural setting was created by José María Azael Franco turning the cemetery into a plant-cultural sanctuary, which with its scissors gave life to a series of semicircular arches, pots, caryatids, monolithic figures, bowls, compoteras, vessels, pitchers, botijuelas, which are part of the identity of the ancestors.

This tourist icon is unique in the world for its scenic, artistic, architectural beauty. With a pleasant climate and its figures are preserved, due to the maintenance that is performed every three months.

We did a tour under the trees, being amazed at what we saw that laughing, in this ornamental garden we had a happy time.

If you come to Ecuador I recommend you visit this wonderful place of giant green sculptures of the Tulcán cemetery.

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Location: Ecuador//Quito
Author: @dulce160

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Beautiful place

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gracias amigo

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Have a nice day @dulce160.

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thanks friend

Welcome amiga @dulce160

Very cool gardener working there! I love them!


I am so impressed with the intricate detail of all those idols. What amazing planning and upkeep it must take to keep it so beautifully manicured. I am so blessed to have seen this post, thank you for sharing your journey there.

thanks friend me too

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