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I'd like to introduce the Laneige make up base in particular. This is the third bottle I've used. You can imagine how much I like it. Among
all Laneige products, make up base is the most popular one, which can become a star product. The make up base I used before is thick and not very suitable. But this one, sots of liquid, is easy to make up. And
within a day, there will be not getting dry. Some type make up base are not match up with the cream, especially easy to fall off or get dry, it looks very obvious, not good-looking. This one from Laneige, there are purple and green.Green is more suitable for acne skin, purple is for yellow or yellow to dark type, and people who need whitening are just artifact. After apply, it will turn more white, the defects can be disappeared. The effect is very good. 30 ml, it can be used for almost half a year. It is easy to use when pressing. It can also be cleaned easily too. The price is not high, the price performance is very good, I highly recommend

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