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I believe that many people have heard of this brand of health care products from Australia. I also eat this brand myself, so I will introduce it more later. Today we are talking about collagen tablets. Rich in vitamin C, silicon, zinc and so on, make the skin easy to absorb and keep beautiful. It is also very helpful for the maintenance of nails and hair. Take one tablet a day. There are 100 tablets in a bottle. You can eat them for 3 months. You can eat them at any time. I have eaten three bottles myself. When I have the first bottle, the effect was not very obvious. When I got to the second bottle, a friend said that my hair became very smooth, and I found that my nails also became shiny. There is nothing bad reflect from the bodies till now. With grape seeds, women can also have whitening effect. But some people also say that the smell is not good, and the flaky ones are not easy to absorb vs liquid. I've also had liquid drinks. I'll make a liquid share next time. I personally suggest that after 30, women can properly supplement collagen.

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I need this product for my easily broken nail.^^

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