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Hello friends,

Today, I wanted to participate to the funny contest initiated by my two friends @bliss11 and @drakernoise.

I first had one idea but it took me too much time and I finally choose to participate this week with this picture
WhatsApp Image 20200303 at 06.03.58.jpeg

I have choosen this piture because of my hairs. I find them original and everytime I saw my pictures I laugh. My hairs were made by a friend of mine, Poupina. It remember me the courage I had when I was walking on the street and seeing the heads of the passengers looking at me. It was quite funny. So why not also make you laugh a bit :)

To edit the photo, I simply used Snapchat. I have never used one photo editor app, maybe next time.

To have this effect I used the Invert slider filter
WhatsApp Image 20200303 at 06.03.59.jpeg

Grrrr the Monster!
WhatsApp Image 20200303 at 06.03.58 1.jpeg

I have a gift; Looks that one, Happy Face, is it not an original Human #googlyeyes?
WhatsApp Image 20200303 at 06.03.58 2.jpeg

Do you want to participate to the contest? Read the rules Here and join us :)

All of my pictures have been taken by me with my Wiko.

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Omg! @misschance hahaha you made me laugh really hard 🤣
Soooooo funny!
Loved the Neon effects you achieved ... wonderful!
About the last one... can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣
Thanks so much for keeping our mood high and of course for taking the time to make your entry.
Tones of hugs over to you and have a great weekend 🤗🤗🤗

I wanted to make you laught and I'm happy ;)
Big hugs

Nice effects used @misschance and a funny one at But I would like for you to choose one of them to enter for the contest to make it easy for us. Thank you for participating in the contest. 🤗

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Thank you my sister friend @bliss11 for your contest :)
I enter with the two first pictures, if it's ok?


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