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I think my Steemit blog is now censored. :(


You have to go to posts to see my posts.

On the bright side it appears is allowing 8 tags so I may be ok with using it although 10 is better. I think that is a good decision to increase the tags to 8

I'm not pleased with the censorship. Hopefully this appears on my main blog.

Wednesday 2-19


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Its like that for everyone.

It looks like all topics from Tribe sites get sent to the post section. If you want the topics in your post section to show in your main blog section, resteeming it will do that.

I might start trying the vermithrax suggestion sometime.

You can always write on one site and add additional tags on another. I regularly write short articles on @dlike and then edit them on @SteemPeak to add more tags.

Great suggestion,


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