This insane Tronlink post spreads fud about Steem

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I just saw the tweet of Tronlink, the official wallet of Tron. It states that token swap is must for my STEEM.

On Valentine's Day, the TRON Foundation and Steemit announced their strategic partnership. They stated that STEEM tokens that existed on the Steem network would be migrating to the TRON blockchain and the TRON Foundation would run giveaways for existing TRX holders with the new TRON-based STEEM token. Things seemed very confusing! The detailed road map was not given.

Image Source - Tronlink tweet on 16th Feb'20

They also posted a detailed medium post. I found some statements quite ridiculous. Here are some insane statements from the post (the post was deleted after huge outrage):

Statement No. 1

"Your STEEM token will turn into nothing if you do not finish the token swap in time."

Analysis: Extremely confusing statement. Tron did acquisition of a dapp called Steemit. Now they say, STEEM will have no value if you don't swap! Is it a blockchain takeover?

Statement No. 2

"The STEEM token used to be EOS based token and now it is moved to TRON blockchain."

Analysis: STEEM blockchain was launched in 2016 and EOS mainnet was launched in 2018. How can STEEM be EOS token?

Image Source

Fud is being spread! The community needs more clarity! Here is the link of Poloniex exchange medum blog post which states that STEEM token swap is coming soon.

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All of my steem is powered up... so I will wait to see what happens... :)

I encourage you to read some of my comments / posts. May filter out my trademark w a sieve if u wish but think you will find some truth nuggets.

Now, I want to state emphatically that FUD in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing especially if the foundation thereof is based on truth.

I think I'm on the money when I say much of what is going on is maneuvering as a response to the Voice release.

Perhaps, Justin is really concerned about acquiring the brand more than the users. Or perhaps both but I'm not one to suckle to the to the teet of big money.

Unlike many of the shitnesses bumping their gums on Trending etc.. Perhaps they hope to get into his good graces to retain some modicum of power.

Sure you are intelligent enough to know how the game is played. In summary, we are at a critical juncture.

While witnesses are working on forks, I am working on a complete redesign that will retain the Steem experience along w the data. However, I cannot make any guarantees about speculative.

Tbh people whose primary focus is that can fuck right off. Yes, I'm a mouthey one. That's not gonna change.

If there is people here that do not want to bow the knee and all else fails, I will do my absolute best to provide all of you and out.

Perhaps, the case current chain will die via hostile takeover. But my intent is to translate the good of our community to a different medium.

Viva la revolución!

The one we signed up for. Not this bullshit

trademark snark*

Whoa STEEM will be worthless unless we don't convert! We cya!

So much confusion and it goes against what was said inthe AMA, lets hope it all settles and becomes clear soon

They causing the confusion!

Yes I do think you are right

Yes, we need clarity.

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Ohh yes for sure

Poloniex is not going to accept even half steem users who try to create an account with them.

It took me 6 months after I tried to create an account with them before they authorized me to resubmit my passport and get denied again. For the life of me, I could not understand why they insisted on using a crappy low-res photo from my webcam instead of a nice clear full-resolution photo any camera is capable of.

I don't trust Poloniex with my money anyway, and I'm sure glad Justin Sun is not ever going to get his hands on my steem.

I'm on board with whatever Justin wants, he is my fav god 😇

Interesting that the Medium post has been deleted....

I have added the medium post screenshot now.

They made it even more confusing than it was :)

Quite true. A black hole of confusion!

From what I have heard from the AMA yesterday there will be no immediate token swap but that is a possibility and having followed how Justin works there is a great chance that there will be a token swap. I think at this point Justin is still weighing in on his options. Ideally I would like steemit 2.0 to support STEEM and TRON .

Here is the link of Poloniex exchange medum blog post which states that STEEM token swap is coming soon.

yes it is confusing but i think it will clarify soon..

This is interesting analysis. What is going on?

Time will tell.

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I have edited the post and added screenshot of the medium post as it was deleted by Tronlink.

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Very well, upvoted and resteemed to thousand followers.. Many thanks to vote @puncakbukit as your witness and curator.

Wow following and also some crazy stuff. That's nuts.

Gotta share this. And why would they can steem...

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Good to know

The Steem "ecosystem" is different from what the TRON people know - even a lot of Steemians needed some time to understand it. Let's wait and see what happens.

The STEEM token used to be EOS based token and now it is moved to TRON blockchain.

That one hurts, BADLY. Hurts from laughing so hard.

How is their info so wrong? Possibly it was done on purpose. Otherwise Tronnies have more to learn about Steem than I though (I already thought that had a lot on their plate.)

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