Why isn’t a revolution starting?

in neoxian •  10 months ago 

I don’t get it

Italy is proving that the social distancing isn’t working. China is the so called example, but can we believe the numbers we got from over there? At this moment, more than 2 billion people are in some sort of lockdown. And for what I hear, everyone is settling for it. Even if it is not proving its effect in Italy, where this started more than three weeks ago, and the numbers of sick and dead people are still going up... That is just not normal, why torture ourselves with these measures if they don’t work?

Revolution? When?

In my opinion, this is a recipe for revolution and public disobedience by the people. Once they will see that they being held up like puppets on a string and nothing changes in their countries, it will be mayhem! And they would be correct. These measures are completely out of proportion and Orwellian. Where is the revolution or is it, when?




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And why are there still 2 million people flying every day ???

Who are these people ?


Indeed, some things just don’t add up, I have wondered myself the same things

What is even more weird is this, I thought all flights from Europe to USA were prohibited by Trump himself for a month...

Only the Elite are flying. Good deals to wherever they want to go. Everything is Free. I am pretty sure they are buying up a lot of Land in Tuscany and Spain at the moment.

They are plenty, that elite bunch