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Hot coins -- an absolute hour of my undivided attention.

Okay, so before we start off. I've initially created these to give out in Neoxian City giveaways so that those who receive them can have a tangible feeling of worth to what I'm giving them. The idea behind this was that I can give something back to the community that isn't just liquid neoxag, or steem, or financially related -- it has a "more" element to it.

You can use me for whatever project or related venture you have in your pocket. Hell, I'll even sit and just chat to you for an hour and listen to you if that's what you would like? I doubt you will, but I'm just saying I'm open to whatever.

I'm opening these out to the wider community too. I thought to myself, well, if I'm giving these out in the neoxian discord I might as well open it out to the wider community and attach a price to them, right?


Okay, so what can I do? What can you hire me for?

Absolutely anything -- providing it doesn't compromise my integrity. So I wont be naked flashing on any webcams, or doing illegal stuff. If you request this then your tokens will be refunded. Period.

What are my skills? Well, to give you a better idea of where my talents lay I'll give you a good idea of what I've done in the past and the type of stuff I can get on with:

Project Management: I spent 3 years in Project Management -- My special skills lay in communication and can often connect to teams that are hard to connect with.

Teaching: My first fork in the road was when I went from working in the catering trade to completely retraining to learn to teach. I can teach you anything providing I understand the subject that I am teaching (excluding languages).

Writing: As you all know I've been a writer for several years now and have my work featured on some of the worlds most prominent websites. I can write for you (or teach you to write amazingly).

Personal Development: As a young man that often found himself in deep water I've since then learned how to navigate out of it, and I'm absolutely well adept at giving pointers on how to achieve the most out of your life (providing you are completely honest. Lie to me and it doesn't work)

Building communities: One thing I know a lot about is building, testing and maintaining communities. I'm a soft communicator at heart -- so if you want me to help grow your community, I can absolutely do that

Listening: Not many people have this skill, and to be honest it's a skill that can drain a lot of energy. I'll listen to whatever you have to say about anything and make you feel like you've been listened to. Primarily this builds confidence.

Drone work: I will absolutely do your shitty admin work for you so that you don't have to.

Anything else that comes to mind -- however please try and utilize my suggestions so that you can get the best out of me. I have zero problem writing you an article but I'd much rather give you pointers on how to improve your writing so that you can engage with your audience better.

So, a bit about the token huh?

Market:  https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=HOT 

Max Tokens: 10,000

Supply: 100

Stakeable? No

How to use? Send Minimum of 0.1 HOT to @raymondspeaks for 6 minutes of his time. Contact me on discord afterwards Raymondspeaks™#3164

And that's it. Not much else to say. Seems self explanatory :)

Good luck!

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