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Welcome, gather around for the latest and greatest from all the wonders of Neoxian City has to offer. News, reviews, and gossip. And if you ask us where we got it from, then our answer will always be -- it was @bearbear613. Of course it's always bear! It's never us. We're all innocent and stuffs.

Our world-overlord Justin Sun from the land of Steemi, newly renamed from what was once called Steemit, came to visit the city of Neoxian to see what delights it had to offer. 

Being a connoisseur of cultural delights Justin especially wanted to visit our melting pot land of trans-atlantic-african-hispanic-asian type thingy. Whatever the weird and wonderful delights we had to offer it sure was diverse.

On arriving he was quickly met by Citizen @bearbear613 who took him away to his broth.... errr, to explore the deeper values of the cultural learnings in neoxian city. We haven't seen them since.

Citizen @shoemanchu turns to farming

In a strange turn of events, citizen @shoemanchu turned his hand to farming in the last few days. It has not been confirmed by Shoemanchu himself, but we have heard several reports from citiziens of him running around like a headless chicken screaming, "Gerrorf moi laaaarnd."

We have suspicions that Mr Sun has sparked a link in Shoe's brain to perhaps a childhood memory of farming, since his curious behaviour only started around about the time of the announcement of Mr Suns arrival.

We will keep you updated as we know more.

Our Pope regresses

Last month we saw a near full recovery of @thereikiforest in neoxian city. We were able to see her happy and eagerly chatting to bystanders and other citizens, however sadly, she has regressed back to her previous state of only being able to speak to us in code via emjoi. We expect that she is in awe of the arrival of Justin. We will keep you updated on her worrying condition.

Get better soon, pope, from all of us at the spectacle!

Citizen @xawi turns to the Ganja.

In a radical move by our very own shrine of innocence-perfection, @xawi has decided to throw it all away by taking our popes advice and smoking a large lung of the strongest strain of the bud that we know of. Thankfully to @raymondspeaks and his off-the-cuff remarks about how his favourite weed back in the day was Northern Lights, @xawi decided to try some and now she is in a completely zombified state...

..Oh wait.. this just in...

She didn't try it, and being zombified is her normal state.


Well then, there we go then :)

Citizen @jjb777 tries to speak for the first time but fails

In a daring move from our local mute man, citizen @jjb777, after some intensive therapy with @raymondspeaks tried to utter a few words to the folks at Neoxian City, but failed. He DID manage an emoji, though. Unlike our pope, citizen @jjb777 has never spoken before and we assume this has been with him with birth.

@raymondspeaks will continue to work with him in hopes that he will be able to eventually say hi and have an actual conversation with someone. Apparently it has been his lifelong dream.

We support you jjb!

Citizen @reazuliqbal to stop playing toy soldiers and start playing with the big boys

In a daring move, citizen @reazuliqbal has applied to become a regulator of land Steemi, formerly owned by a cardboard cut-out of a handsome man. The powers that be have came down from above to assess the situation and get some advice from Lord Neoxian.

We were able to attend the interview but not record it. Sadly we can't remember much of what was said because we didn't have our equipment with us, but one striking phrase stuck in our minds when Lord Neoxian was asked about capabilities.

Like giving the keys of my ferrari to a fucking 5 year old

We didn't know if he was joking, or serious. Time will tell!

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Fk you Mother Fcker

Justin had a good time.. with yo ... m((()))

bearswear lol

Maybe next time we'll write something about you and your love affair with pepe ;)

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I enjoyed reading it. Naturally humorous

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

good, lol :)

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

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