"The IRS is a Scam - Here is How to Stop Paying Taxes Legally!"

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"There is no law requiring the average American to file or pay the federal income tax."

Really want to bring out this discussion here, lately I'm feeling frustrated on why everyone thinks we should be paying taxes here. For me, I believe taxation is theft and I agree with @dollarvigilante on this one. Every since I came into the Cryptocurrency world, I felt like yes, decentralized platforms are a must and yes screw Government and taxes and all of their Gangster crimes but now more and more I feel people are taking Crytpocurrency in the wrong direction. Why did you even get into Bitcoin to pay taxes? Seriously why? The question is can the Government shut down Steemit.com and our Blockchain? That to me seems like a yes. That's not a good investment if they can, I'll tell you this. So do we want to set a new way or be just like all these others and obey the man?


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Now I probably wont get a lot of discussion on this because it seems that interaction has gone to discords and here on our platform its gone down hill. Here is this video that I'd like your take on, Jeff the @dollarvigilante has been in this community for a long time and I wish his voice was heard more here.

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Discover the TRUTH about IRS lies, fraud and beat the IRS DEEP STATE thieves!

Also you can go here if you want to get more involved in not paying taxes, I heard its more tough and cost a lot more to get out of it because for so many years you agreed to their Criminal enterprise.

Seems like the owner of Freedom Law School knows his stuff but I have heard some from his school went to prison.


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I do pay my taxes but it seems these day most are waking up to the fact that we have been completely used and abused, most importantly lied to since the beginning from our Governments... I'm still learning in my old age but I really think we need to talk about this stuff, among other things going on in our world and in the stars....

My apologies for incorrect grammar too.... haha



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People pay because they love to jail those who don't pay. Best way out of Federal tax is either moving to puerto rico, or managing your income enough to not owe any Story, or you can use the other tax code.

I heard a good one the other day. Most people earn, get taxed and spend whats left. The business tax code lets you earn, spend and get taxed on whats left. Seems like one is far superior.

Exactly, such a sham of a system..... I mean just the bases of our currency has been a fraud since day one....

Just to play "Devil's Advocate" here, but without taxation of some description, who pays for infrastructure and upkeep of essential services. I know thing sin the US differ a bit to Australia in terms of Healthcare etc, but without some form of taxation, the programs that assist the disadvantaged would be lost.

PS - I hate paying tax as much as the next guy

We didn't create this system but we can remake it. Let's say the people would pay to where each individual sees fit, so if your into helping the folks that are helping the animals you pay directly thru them, not a Government that is spending it on war etc, your street, well you and your community build it or pay for it etc, your church, you and your community build it etc. Since we dont know where our exact money is going, we should be able to know with us putting it there. I dont want to support giving money for abortions etc etc etc. I don't support politicians making what they make off us etc... It's pretty complex now that corporation's own us but there has to be a way out and we can allow them no longer to dictate what is in our heads, like not to be mean but I'm sure your comment is exactly what they want you to say, you know what I mean? I mean no disrespect towards you my friend at all. I'm pretty sure that you and your community around you would build a better community around you without the local Governments. What would get supported I believe would be where most income goes and it probably would stop war eventually. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that humanity, us humans could do it better without Governments dictating.... So much I could write in my crazy brain. haha

No disrespect or offence taken mate, that's the beauty of conversation, ideas can be discussed maturely.

I don't doubt that my question was formed on the basis of 40+ years of conditioning to a single way of thinking, and I am certainly not against the idea of radical change - the federal and state governments that I am ruled both run their campaigns on corruption, fear and bullying tactics to keep the power with the powerful and the rest of us under the thumb.

I was merely curious as to how you believed the system would work for those services - a lot of people post grand disruptive ideas but have given next to no thought to how the alternative would work, and without that it amounts to little more than rhetoric. You, on the other hand, have clearly considered this to a level beyond just "fuck this tax paying bullshit".

Right on, haha.... I feel you brother. Another example would be I'd much rather have a relationship with you and you know someone with the right connections to get the money for the fires out there in Australia, rather than sending to these so called non profit organizations that's just a front to get their pockets fat. I'm sure there are some good ones but who really knows. This to me would be able to be achieved in our community but we are far from what I think we should be doing here. Anyways, much love brother. Talk to your later, Cheers

That's actually a great analogy with the bushfires. There has been a bit of discussion recently around how much of the funds raised by mainstream organisations like the Salvation Army and Red Cross is eroded by administration fees and how little is actually being distributed to those most in need.

There have been organisations setting up their own funds and basically getting a big tax write off for paying themselves to fix their own shit.

One council in a bushfire zone (and it escapes me which one right now) has actually come out and asked people to donate directly to smaller local community based charities in these areas as they have a better idea of who needs the most help and how to get it to them.

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Yeah, to me in this mad world, I know these non profits had the right idea but then greed kicked in for sure and I believe most are corrupt, kinda like churches too. In most cases the originator died and passes on the organization onto some greedy family or friends. I honestly don't think we can change but wished we could but it will take more people caring about the next man before themselves in s sense. I think its a start to go local and give yourself after feeling like you can trust that organization.

I personally haven't filed taxes in 25 or so years

They say two out of three citizens pay. So if you do the math, that's alot of people. Awesome, good for you too....

I think bitcoin (fedcoin) and cryptocurrencies are going to be required in the future because lots of people dont pay taxes. Look at how crazy they have been in Greece.