The new cooperative RTS of Daedalic

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For a few hours I was able to try the real-time strategy game of Daedalic, A Year of Rain, a team RTS that mixes classic elements, such as building your base and a campaign mode, together with a gameplay with special relevance to heroes. The project, which has been in development for more than two years, combines elements of strategy in real time, with team play and the participation of heroes. Both the cooperative campaign, as well as the online and offline modes, are designed for two players.The German studio is betting hard with an ambitious project that will allow StarCraft players to feel at home, since gender standards are not lacking. There is the main building and the collection of resources, in this case two, wood and minerals, as well as the need to create a chain of tasks and favor the construction of private buildings to have access to more advanced units. There is no lack of traditional archers, spearmen, swordsmen and knights, the fastest and most mobile units. It is also possible to increase troop statistics through investigations that will take place in specific buildings.

For two players or in the company of AI

Apart from the cooperative campaign for the three factions, A Year of Rain offers additional 2v2 modes, such as Skirmish and Against All Odds.

The classic Skirmish 2vs2 mode has been developed for competitive games from the start. On the other hand, Against All Odds opens a very innovative format for this genre, where two heroes will face two complete armies in a battle for survival. During the session we have been able to delve a little deeper into the history of the brutal world where the game is located: war drums and the struggle for survival are all that this people know. Two friends, a champion of the dawn sun and the son of a powerful and noble house, are preparing to bring peace to these lands devastated by war. The title tells its story and the sacrifices that both will have to make for a better future, fighting against those who do not share their vision and chained to death, doomed to fight forever.

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Start a battle without mercy

In A Year Of Rain you start the game by selecting your faction and hero protagonist, among the three available. It puts you on the map with your teammate in a main building accompanied by a handful of worker units. These units of work collect resources, and from there, we will have to build the base, buildings to recruit troops, buildings of diverse technology and defensive buildings. The objective: build the base, level up the hero, recruit troops and destroy the base of the opponents.

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While most RTS titles feature 1vs1 modes, A Year Of Rain is completely focused on 2vs2. With a second player, you unlock new ways to strategically overcome opponents. The game features are created and balanced to support team games. A correct selection of roles at the start will allow both players to choose complementary skills to perform even better as a team, or simply play with double support. Everything seems to be in place and Daedalic is doing an impressive job with A Year Of Rain, which, despite suggesting us one last year for water, is a pearl within the real-time strategy that sets the eye on the competitive sector and eSports

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