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As I listen to the far, far-away, iron cast breeze
I can feel myself extending - closer to the dark -
Becoming more and more unconvinced in stories
It is so humid, even the lost freize seems stark

There is nothing at all to dream about tonight
Not a single cute June bug in the pale summit
Not a single voice around, not even a single light
I hear only vehicles fleeing pass like a comet -

And I ponder where they are traveling to, so late
What does tonight offer me as a human being?
I wonder - coughing hard until my pupils dilate -
Actions and feelings out of my control, burying

This city survives hope - anything else is fantasy
Hope only because I seek - like a link to my past
Struggling to think, I fall more into this odyssey
Conquering my heart like a melodic sound blast

I wish I fall asleep, before day breaks like glass
This night has nothing to do with me, I recite -
I know this weariness will surely come to pass
There is nothing at all to dream about tonight.

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