Thinking About You

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As I write these poems - I am thinking about you
My gentle spring rain - the smiles upon the rose
Everything I've yearned for - grows in your view
And even verses intended for poetry - turn prose

The service of your lonely days - I will keep fresh
For as long as the weather is blue - over my head
Going along the narrow path of my life in thresh
I'll walk you like the morning even at night to bed

And I will decorate your full moon lips with kisses
Parting your hair like prophet Moses - at the sea
And with a bowed head I will listen to your hisses
Finding a way to gift unto you, the wicked breeze

For I will make out time for your sexual pleasure
In the glow of the dark eminating from the river
I drag self from bed every-day - seeking treasure
Silent in heart - for your fingers to heal my fever

Need I say darling? I am thinking about you always
Aging every night, as moonlighting turns me grey
My love for you is not hidden, it's in lit eternal rays
So I come and go into everyday, your ray to portray

My thoughts wander far-away, just to remember
Like bells ringing in the temple, that you're pure
As night steps on my door, reflecting pale amber
What kind of a beauty are you? I ask in demure

In the mid of day, even clocks call out your name
Never do you have to wonder, question or argue
If you are the person who set's my world aflame
As I write these poems, I am thinking about you.

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The emotion flows...💕