Neoxian City Photo Challenge - Leading Lines


This photo was taken at Ramsey Lake State Park. These old wooden steps lead down to the shoreline of the lake. There are many hiking trails and places to explore and I discovered these forgotten stairs at the end of one of the hiking trails. The falls colors and the covering of leaves made a nice subject for a photo.

The camera I used was my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I edited the photo in an app called LunaPic.

This is an entry for Neoxian City's Photo Challenge.


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I found this beautiful photo, it still supports, reSTEEM and Upvote
Happy second week of month 12.

Thanks @mariita52! I'm putting up another story shortly, if you you're looking for another little flash fiction.😀

Those steps did make for a beautiful fall picture - nice eye for seeing the beauty in simple things!
Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful photography

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