The Railway - Neoxian City Photo ChallengesteemCreated with Sketch.

Hello Steemians!

This is my new entry to the Neoxian City Photography Challenge, thanks to @neoxian-city. The theme of this week is Leading Lines.

I took the photo last week while I was walking along the Frigido River. I stopped under the railway and I took a shot. At home I adjusted the entire photo and created a stronger color cover.


I didn't stop there. As usual, I created another pic with the same photo. I added a red-greenish background and accentuated the vignetting.


I hope you enjoy this post. Follow me if you were interested.

To the next! :)

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Belle foto in entrambe le varianti...fra le due, ma è soggettivo, mi piace leggermente di più la versione monoin bn.
In bocca al lupo per il contest

L'importante è partecipare.........
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