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Well, from my own point of view which I think is sincere to a very good extent, its a good thing that one community is willing to empower every other community on the platform. I believe if there's a good relationship between all the tribes on the steemit platform, it can be a more beneficial platform to us all. In my own opinion, here are the communities that are eligible for the 10k neoxag power delegation.

  • MARLIANS: This is a community founded by the well known @surpassinggoogle. As you can see, this community is my first choice because am sure the founder is a good manager. This tribe deserves some delegation because a whole lot of people will benefit from the generous nature of the founder. And moreover, the delegation will help build the reputation of the tribe itself on the neoxian platform.


  • PALNET: Like I've heard a couple of times that palcoin is the grandpa of all other tokens on the steemit platform. Its regarded as one of the oldest communities to have emerged on the steemit platform as it is over two months old as related to other communities that are just some few weeks into existence. This tribe needs some delegation to further improve its prominence on the platform and as a matter of fact, helping to boost the stability of the members of the community and the community itself.


  • CREATIVECOIN: Every sane being would love that word ’creative’. Everything technology has brought to us today is as a result of some certain people's creativity. And it is very paramount that creativity is appreciated in every sense. This is a community that appreciates creativity in every sense. I've been opportuned to read some write-ups dropped in this community and they've been so amazing. So i think this community deserves some delegation in other to assist it in appreciating more creative writings, thereby improving itself in the process.

  • SPORTSTALK: Well, if we want to be true to ourselves, I'll say there's virtually no human being on this planet that doesnt have interest in one sport or the other, ranging from basketball to football to boxing, rugby, handball and a host of others. So this is a comnunity that appreciates you when you write some good stuffs about your prefered sport. The community needs a delegation because it'll help it appreciate its members more and also help to improve its relationship with neoxian community.


  • INTREPRENEUR: I dont really know much about this community but its the tribe that handles the entrepreneurial needs of the steem blockchain. This community appreciates entrepreneurs when they write about their business ideas and other business related stuffs. The community needs a delegation to further help boost the morale of the various entrepreneurs on the platform so they can be motivated to educate us more about business secrets and strategies.

Above are the communities I want the neoxag power to be delegated to because they are all doing awesome jobs in their totality and I won't forget to send some kudos to the neoxian city team, thumbs up to you guy....
Good day....

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