Regional Investments & Capital Markets Conference Scheduled for Jan 21st-23rd 2020– ReggaeSteem To Attend

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Quick post.

A couple milestones ahead for us at @ReggaeSteem, most notably JAHM PoS on January 3rd and our first ReggaeSteem Member Arrival to Negril, Jamaica; @crypticat on Jan. 11th

Let’s add one more 😉


The open invitation to the 15th Regional Investments & Capital Conference hosted by the Jamaica Stock Exchange was announced recently in this tweet. Given our familiarity with some attendees, and the epic growth of the ReggaeSteem community since the last event we attended (in August); we believe this is a great opportunity to promote ReggaeSteem (and Steem) to local investors directly. Granted, unlike the Digital Assets and Security Token Symposium, this conference is geared towards a more general audience.

@miyard and I will be representing Team ReggaeSteem at the ICMC

Unfortunately, we were not able to attend Tech Beach Retreat last week, the premier Tech Meetup in Jamaica. It was a bit expensive and last minute considering the rooms needed. The title sponsor was Google, so I truly miss attending.

The ICMC should make up for it— ReggaeSteem attire, brochures, business cards, flyers and an assistant to hand them out relentlessly 🤔

More info soon.

Jah Bless

#OneLove #OneSteem

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Awesome event to help promote an awesome initiative. Glad we’ll have two big wigs in you and the yard representing us at the conference 🤙🏽

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Not sure about the big wigs part lol, but yeah thanks we love the crypto/fintech scene so it comes natural— we’ve even promoting Beachfront Crypto Ltd. for some time now

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Hey @theycallmedan, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

Always do. Cheers !BEER

Update: Oh, 🤦🏽‍♂️ wait like put a link to my tweet, FB post, multiple FB group shares, and reddit posts in the comments here? Nah. That’s redundant, re SEO those sites don’t need the link-juice from this particular post (nor from Steem interfaces) and in this instance I already retweeted the official tweet from the JSE so the msg has been shared to my 6k verified followers there.

And...I just miss it, would love to go to something like that. Represent!

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