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I am tipping free 365 $NDX daily to one winner over at the @newdexafrica official telegram and I also do tip EOS via @tipitbot. NewdexAfrica is a community which is aimed at informing Africans about the World's leading decentralized platform Newdex and it's ability to deliver fast, safe and transparent services to it's users. This features has really attracted a lot of users to the exchange and it is an EOS based exchange.



Get 50 $NDX and 100 $NDX tips from me too for carrying out daily tasks, so everyone is a winner over there. Join us by clicking on this link https://t.me/NewdexAfrica. Follow our Steem account here https://steemit.com/@newdexafrica and on Twitter https://twitter.com/NewdexA



The NewdexAfrica Vision is to spread word about Newdex in Africa and enlighten African Youths on Cryptocurrency Investments, Trading and Blockchain Technology. The community was established by me in late 2019. The NewdexAfrica community has an executive board which comprises of @mcsamm @ackza @empato365 and @joshuaetim. We hope to get a large number of Africans educated about Cryptocurrency using both online and offline awareness campaign strategies.

You do not want to miss this one. Come and join fellow steemians in earning free tips for carrying out simple tasks like liking, commenting or retweeting a tweet, making artworks, Gif's, memes, etc. We got loads of talents in there. Let the fun begin.

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I am a living witness to this giveaway

You need to talk to @steemcleaners ask why you have mackbot on your comments by default

you may have been getting too many easy upvotes i dunno @citimillz @chaceeskam has to make sure hes careful with the upvoting

citi will get you the discord

Nice telegram channel. Always interesting information and awesome giveaways. Join it...

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You bet bro. It is fun all the way

Super fantastic

Great information sir you are all posting is very well