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I am giving away free 100 $NDX tokens to every new member on the NewdexAfrica Community Telegram and 365 $NDX tokens daily to one Lucky winner. This 365 $NDX Giveaway is to last for a year and over 100k NDX tokens will do the magic. Members are also tipped 50-100 Ndx tokens each time they carry out simple tasks on any social media.


The NewdexAfrica project is a project initiated by my humble self and the vision is to educate young Africans about Newdex exchange, Cryptocurrency Investment and Trading. With being a part of this community, Africans will have a better knowledge of how cryptocurrency works and how one can benefit from trading or investing in them. Our goal is to create online and offline campaigns to promote Newdex in Africa. With time, we will be arranging meet-ups as well as seminars just to see to the fact that word about Newdex is spread across Africa.

The NewdexAfrica team comprises of my humble self as the founder, @ackza, @mcsamm @enpato365. We are waiting on Newdexofficial to approve our community officially so we can now say Africa is recognized and that will be a go-ahead to uncover robust projects that will emerge from the existence of NewdexAfrica. Through this initiative if approved, we will get Newdex to also approve Influencers for Newdex who hail from Africa and are good at what they do. The funds used for this Giveaways are Influencer funds, Thanks to @ackza for always showing full support and making sure that Africans are enlightened about Cryptocurrency and not left out. 😁


The NewdexAfrica Community is enriched with freelancers, Crypto and Blockchain enthusiasts, developers, graphic designers. It's always fun interacting with fellow members about Crypto while giveaways are on and there is never a dull moment on our

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