The real reason for free downvotes in the last hardfork: FREE CENSORSHIP

in newsteem •  7 months ago  (edited)

edit: how this played out

I didn't buy ANY votes, but I've been downvoted by @therealwolf, a whale with Steem Power built on his ex-bidbots.

Whales defending this new downvoting-bidbot-customers policy do so because it is profitable for them.

Non-whales were liquidating too much value out of this blockchain's economic value, which is not bad according to the offer/demand market, but sucks to old higher-profile inverstors who want to milk more easy money out of the system.

Truth is, this policy won't change anything except make good authors more prone to leaving steem altogether because of the growing number of competitors that might offer better pay.

Why should I bother writing anything #gaming ever again? And why should you? Here's what a single user's spite does to this blockchain's "proof of brain" content reward mechanism:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Like I said. I have not downvoted you but you can be assured I will now.

Jesus dude, I already edited it out, it was from a copy paste mistake.

You made the same bs post 20 minutes prior and then again.

copy paste mistake

browser cache

This guy is on a rampage and he's picking up a lot of enemies really fast. Just look what he's doing to my account, as well as @joe.public. The witnesses have formed a cabal.

Well, I don't know the whole story (don't have time to look it up) but this looks very bad!