Ahem... ¿Quality Content or Content of Quality? I mean... #newsteem 'Curationwise' of course.

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¡Wussuuup! 'Curators'? erm... I mean, ¡Shalooom! 'Curreitors'? Where have you been? Holy crap! Long time no see you!!

Have you visited the Trending Page of steemit.com recently and have you seen the latest posts over there along this month? ¿Nope?

Then, ¿What about the Trending Page on all those other tribe's website clones & steemit.com soft HFs out there? ¿Nope? neither?

You haven't visited The Trending Page of these in a while either?

Sheesh!! C'mon chum! Where the hell is your curiosity?
What's going on with you? crony!!

Didn't you know this all is just about:



You definitely MUST stroll everyday around each remote corner of this blockchain and snoop everywhere in order to be aware of what's going on in your surroundings you know? How else would you know where the hell you are standing? Yeah, go there right now. Here I wait for you.

Gosh!! that was quick. Have you already visited them? All of them?
Ok, ok, I'm gonna trust you. You indeed, looks like a jeezy quick jimmie to me anyway. };)

Then, have you noticed in there a new interesting pattern?
Have you noticed the difference and variety of content in the publications that now appear on trending since the recent change of sex of the bidbots?
Oh yeah! now almost all well known bidbots are 'curators' you know.


Can you also see the frequency and consistency of ~30 dollar posts from auto votes and can you smell from what steem front-ends, fresh Dapps, newfangled tribes websites and Vlogging platforms all those rewards and potential future payouts comes from? ¿Smell a bit elitist to you too?

Well, I'm still not sure.


But at the moment. In my case at least. I have the hunch that nor you nor me nor many other of your closest buddies and acquaintances over here on the steem blockchain, none of us is enjoying the same privilege. ¿Why?

Why you ask?

Well, to begin with. Because I'm afraid most of us are now performing in front of too many empty seats at our party table for the perceived value of these automated Blind Audiences who frantically are looking to take half of the cake we use to cook without blinking five minutes after serving it.

So, with only five minutes to react to our delicacies, obviously these blind audiences don't even have enough time to perceive the aroma of our frisky pastry. This new audience of Blind Curators simply assume that many other previously well known and popular chefs already exist within this shunt. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

And so, they simply decide to sit at the table of these popular chefs paying their seat in advance without having the most remote idea what they are going to serve. But however, even if at the end they are left with an empty belly and an even more empty brain, they don't care.

Because despite of the same scrap food, they are content with the toy that will come bundled inside the happy box of their greasy fast food each time. Hence, why bother looking for new chefs and restaurants where to eat a bit better? Once with their toy in hand, a long nap is now required. Isn't it?

¿Who'd want extra exercise?


All I know is that at least @steemmatt, @oldtimer & maybe @lordbutterfly will enjoy big time this new wave of 'curators' and their new way to 'curate' on this current 'curation' crusade. It still remains to be seen what these guys would prolly will have to say about all this.

"The Curators of #NewSteem"


Well yeah. You indubitably will have to become into a true serious serial Kclicker throughout all the images and links in this article as to be able to attract all the flies fluttering inward this rant and kill them all at once with the smashing logic of your reasoning.

Because to be sincere, now that I'm rereading it before pressing the post button. I'm not so sure what the heck was what I wanted to accomplish with this article and if the message is clear enough as to have bothered to create it in first place.

I guess everything is the product of so many hours in a row without sleep. And at some point, suddenly, I began to rave. So, I suspect that the best thing that I can do this far is go and hit the sack right now. So I will leave this post until here.

Maybe later, when I wake up. I reread it and I myself understand what its purpose was and edit it a bit. But in the meantime I will leave it as it is.

Because right now, in this very groggy moment. All I can think is, that in a few hours, after I have rested a bit. And when I exert my smooth groovy return again to this public tribune. You'll want to ask me in a 70s fashion.

Heey Bro! what was all of that?

And I will tell you...

Nothing bro! It's just that a while ago. For a quick moment I considered signup in a newish tribe of the oldest communities around the steem blockchain. In which I reckon I could become instantly and without much effort into a famous influencer in which unlike to the "Curators" of 3Speak, Dtube, SteemMonster & Splinterlands and all that bunch of now transexual bidbots that these days all of them are now 'Curation Bots'

I bet that over there in that 'new' community. No wonder that over there all the 'curators' are gonna fight each other to 'curate' first and before no one else my strange, extravagant and humorous thought provoking posts.

That in a jiffy, they surely would stick these rapturous soliloquies of mine for months and months on the trending pages of their Dapp and all over the steem blockchain. Oh! come on. How could they avoid it?

Ok, now gotta go to my crib folks. Cya later!! :)

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf


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Sleep's overrated, I'd skip it 😀

Haha yep! just tell me about it. Tsk Tsk :)

Is this thing on 🎤? That 30 dollar post is pinnacle of new steem! I'm just thrilled I never bought a single steem or attempted to convince anyone else to do something so foolishly.. I'm really hoping to see the fireworks of 5 cent steem and/or the fantasy of a bull running and leaving it's excrement in a big "steeming" pile of ponzi 💩...

Nope. No idea what you're talking about. And I've had sleep. I'm sure it's just too smart for me and that's why I'm confused. But trending does look different, that's for sure.

I'm sure it's just too smart for me and that's why I'm confused.

Nah! my dear @riverflows. Nothing really smart here to confuse you. :)

All this is just matter to execute a handful of clicks here and there along this post. And the genuine God of Steem Enlightenment will appear before you out of nowhere with an afro bigger than the one of the chap above. To reveal you in a trice the hidden secrets of how the self-proclaimed influencers & 'curators' throughout the steem blockchain, they now manage to redesign the appearance of the #newsteem trending page. };)