Can Downvote make Steem in the wrong direction?

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Can Downvote make Steem in the wrong direction?

Hi, Steemian how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
Today I read the post from @slowwalker. He just post a photo and a tittle "Test". If you are interesting about it you can read the post below.

We know that @slowwalker is one of the senior Steemians who also has a big opinion in Steem.
I feel a post titled test in confirms a situation that feels the need to try again after a moment away from Steemit.
From his post he was very concerned about culture, natural traditions and the religious side that developed in Korea. A very good endeavor, especially then we know. I see how he is. I still remember about half a month ago, he posted that he had been studying it for three years.
Problems arise after Hard fork 21 provides a free downvote pool. But in its use later became the cause of a post still lost economic value even though the work is an original work. He felt it all started with income in Steem, which was classified as large and then was distributed by other people. To avoid this, he even does power down so that the income is not too big, and he is not active for a while.

Returns in the right direction

So many people who feel that the downvote is overdone makes Steem going in the wrong direction. There are several reasons that might be stated.

1. Steem gets scary
People feel that they are getting into Steem with a downvote, so they lose the courage to join. There is fear when trying to work. all this of course should be a warning to those of us who have been in Steem for a long time to help those who have just entered so that they are not afraid to work.

2. Crush hopes for economic value
When you join Steem, people assume you will get more economic values. Maybe those who initially diligently to post then get a down vote so feel disappointed because their work is not appreciated.
In this case the Steemians who have long joined must provide reinforcement so that the newbies look at the spirit of work.

3. Revenge event.
Another thing that is also worth considering is the use of downvote as a means of revenge. motivation that should be avoided. However, in reality we see a downvote war. If the old steem we only know the flag war, now we see many cases that are raised as a downvote war. The difference is that the flag war does not reduce the value of income, while downvote can reduce Steemian income.

Many Steemians feel Steem as if he was going on the wrong track. Though of course this is the perspective of viewing from the downvote effect. In fact, if we return to the initial goal downvote, of course we will see from the positive side.
Through downvote we can overcome spam, plagiarism, or other fraudulent ways. We can also return the reward of a post with a suspected value that is not fair to the reward pool.
But all of that must be done with grace. If we downvote first consider whether the post is worth getting a downvote. If not, why should we post that post. so let's try to steer Steem to a better path together.
Thus my writing this time may be useful.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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