New Steem and New Perspective

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New Steem and New Perspective

Hi Steemian how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
After Hard Fork 21/22 ago Steem entered a new phase. The phase in which the birth of a community that has a new vision and perspective.
I will peel about how Steem create new vision, at least in my opinion as a new Steemian who come to feel the events in the old steem and new steem. I want to spread my thought and I want to take a part in this platform together with other Steemian build it as I can. Of course, according to my very limited level of knowledge. At least I can join in giving color or add thought. Who knows, you can take part in the development of Steem in a more intense direction.

Manual Curation

The birth of a new Steem has changed or improved the old Steem. the steemians can already feel the change. We still remember in old Steem how difficult it was for a newbies to get a big curation. Upvote recipients with large values are mostly obtained by Steemian elite. The use of bid bots with large Steem Power only makes it rich for a Steemian group. While the plankton, red fish, minnows only get upvote crumbs with little value.
I still remember how happy and proud it was when I commented and received an upvote from @xpilar, the value was even greater than the reward I got from my post. I also remember when @slowwalker gave an upvote in my post it made me happy too.
After HF 21/22 I felt how something basic had changed. The whales began to transform themselves into manual curators. They no longer use bots. They really have to read the posts so they know the quality. Something in the #oldsteem era was not done or rarely done because of relying on bot services.
#newsteem provides opportunities for newbis to develop better. Quality assurance comes first in every post. I recently felt a part of it when I got a curation from @ocdb which was worth more than $13. Something that was never imagined to receive such a reward. Previously, I also felt happy when there was a curation from @upmewhale.
But now I am more confident that I will be able to grow and develop in Steem well.
This makes me want to motivate other new Steemians to not hesitate to work consistently and prioritize quality. We know that out there many people pay attention to us. We sharpen the diamond that is in us until the sparkle will be seen by the curators. So they will come and bring gifts to us, in the form of happy upvotes and curation.

Social Value

In my view, after HF 21/22 there is growing awareness of sharing. The whales who used to be more considered to prioritize the income side, are now shifting. They began to provide opportunities for newbies to develop by curation. Curators are more active in their work. Read one post at a time and rate it worth getting curated. This means they are giving social value to help other steemian growth. The great thing is that they start inviting or calling on whales who have not been active in manual curation to take part. Sekusipusaya also saw that a lot of big Steemians have given more social value since old steem until now. One example is @xpilar. With the support of his team they were able to elevate Steemian economic life. I noted that @sultan-aceh could even build a new house with the help of @xpilar teams such as @reflector, @bippe, @davidad and @hingsten. At #newsteem more and more social values can be felt.
Especially if we read a post from @anomadsoul that also invites all whale to be involved in the development of curation not just from the economic side. He ask to whale to change pattern of votting. This is a very good thing. Although, we also know that every Steemian certainly hopes there is more economic value when joining STeem. For further information, we can check the following link
Open letter to change voting patterns | A plea to give #NewSteem a chance

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it

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Personally I don't think "New Steem" is all it is supposed to be. There is growing evidence that voting has gone down not up

And I don't believe for a second the whales are reading people's posts. The people doing curating have always been doing it, and a lot of them are not doing so well since the change

Thank for commentig
I agree that new steem aot at all about curation. many perspective will be built with it. In this article i want to see from curation side. Of course it will be too narrow if newsteem is only about curation, may in next post I will write about the others.
the second thing about whale read and curate, in my opinion they will curate a post so the need to know what they will do. i know they may be just see the "skin", and didn't read at all completely. may be they see the appearance of post, catch eye picture and interesting diction as a tittle then they try to read a little.

This is so sad, and getting sadder as I research for more posts, This is my only goal to talk about at steemfest. My votes have fallen of such a cliff that I cannot even afford the $35 usd hostel now. I might be sleeping in the lobby of the conference hotel instead!

Great post @rokhani


@xpilar, I hope you will take a look at my post on the same topic. It is not showing such an upbeat trend and I am try to get anyone to look who might be able to help.

I'm writing more like this as fast as I cam It's no good to get new little fish if we cannot support the ones already here.

yes, I will look into it @fitinfun
Hope my upvote helps you get to Steemfest
I want you to also look at this blog because it will probably be talked about at Steemfest
For me, this means that the downvote has gone too far with its power

I am so grateful to you, @xpilar. I will be there for sure, and your support is so important to me.

I have not followed the down-voting mess since I try to stay positive here. But this is sickening at the link you sent. I only know about slowwalker from reading a few of his wonderful posts over the years. I know somehow he and his friends are being attacked. That is a big power down those mean girls triggered. Holy cow.

I will be on alert to this at the Fest, and thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you @xpilar