Steem,not just a social media platform and a source of income but also build Steemlove

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Steem,not just a social media platform and a source of income but also build Steemlove

The birth of newsteem and face 2020 is certainly not solely in the context of mining income. In the future we can still develop a universal and human love

Hi Steemian how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
The rapid development of social media makes it easy for us to choose. All the choices we make make us both subject and motorcycle taxi. Our fingers can control and control the flow of information. both we as news sources and connoisseurs or recipients of information. this will determine the pattern of our attitude in using social media accounts.
Let's look back at the various developments in the social media that society uses. All have market segments that are trying to reach all levels of society in all parts of the world from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram or others. So buried social media makes people ignorant of the cautious attitude of the perpetrators of spamming and scamming. Or that could stick out is the sale of personal data of social media users to the third party for one and many interests. Of course this will be a separate note for us all so it is not easy to submit personal data to anyone.

Blockchain-based Social Media

In the midst of the rise of social media Steem emerged. A blockchain based platform that provides incentives for users in the form of cryptocurence.
Steem is a combination of social media with a blockchain base that rewards users both as cash creators or as curators. this reward can be conversed into fiat money. Content creator will always make sure that they post something useful, original and keep the quality of the post.On the other side curator will give appreciate with upvote, comment and also resteem.
This is a new breakthrough for social media that makes no one user can delete data, posts or other transactions because it is stored on blockchain.
in my opinion Steem become the best social media at this time. We know in other social media we just post, post, and post without reward for our hard working. It is difference the between Steem and the other social media. When we posted in facebook, twitter or the others we just get like
without economic value. so no matter how much time the energy and thoughts devoted to producing the posts do not get added value economically.
This is far different from STeem. In Steem all transactions in the form of posts, comments, curation or others can have the opportunity to become additional income. even if you say at STeem we are miners. Miners who do not even use money capital. We use our minds to get the added value of the economy.

Manifesting Steemlove

In addition to being an added value economically, Steem also builds
awareness of all STeemians to build mutual assistance. This initiative can originate individually or from a community under the auspices of Steem.
I noted that there was a personal program to help grow reputation, which means adding to the economic value of STeem. Just call it @xpilar. He posts more on digital art. Then he opened the opportunity for other Steemians to make works, stories or poems as interpretations of the works of senia he made. Then @xpilar will give appreciation in the form of rewards through upvote, so that story makers based on their digital art get additional crypto money. @xpilar also supports creativity and original ideas so that he and his team like @reflektor, @hingsten, @bippe, @bigpower can realize the dream @sultan-aceh to build a new home in Aceh, Indonesia.
A few days ago I also read the post @streetstyle who really wanted to develop Steem's affection. By using #steemlove he has even begun to spread this kindness. He dedicated all the fees he got from a post to be given to Steemian from Venezuela.

Therefore, 100% of this post's payout will go to @petrarodriguez as STEEM. I have it set at a 50%/50%, but no matter what it comes out to, it will all be sent as the equivalent in STEEM. This small token of STEEMLOVE will hopefully help her, her family and some of those children in need from around her neighborhood in Venezuela that she so graciously feeds despite the dire situation for all of them.

This is a kindness that can be done by everyone including all of us.
So when managing an account we can get economic value, but on the other hand we can also develop a sense of love. Love in a universal sense and is human in nature. And we know in newsteem we can do manythings especially when we face 2020. And we know wher we we take the direction.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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