There is always good hope, Let's Steem on

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Credit to @xpilar

There is always good hope, Let's Steem on

Hi Steemian how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
This time I join in competition 16 which held by @xpilar. He make it and ask us to create and post a story based on his art work. If you want to join in his competition you can check this post.

The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 16)
When I joined Steemit I still didn't know much, or even practically blind at all calm STeem and blokchain. Luckily I met people who are kind-hearted and continue to provide support. In giving their support not only by providing support in the form of reward, but I also get good advice about how we should behave and act in STeem. An example is @davidad's message that Steem is not magic. he needs treatment and patience with consistency so that it will provide great benefits.
@xpilar and @sultan-aceh asked Steemian to continue to survive and always be creative so there would be no shortage of ideas in creating content. Likewise another Steemian who always invites us to remain strong and continue to work.

Downvote and censorhip

Even after the hard fork 21/22 issue of downvote often becomes polemic, I believe there are still many Steemians who wisely use the right to downvote rationally.
It is undeniable that a downvote conducted carelessly with the aim of blind hatred can disrupt the Steem ecosystem. We can read a large and rich Steemian until someone feels a loss of trust in Steem when he encounters his work being owned by a large Steem Power owner to lose the potential economic value of a post. There are also posts which then become hidden due to downvotes or red flags from large accounts.
Likewise, the presence of posts is then considered censored. Even though we know that on the basis of the blockchain it is impossible for a post to be censored. If then a post is hidden it may be possible but the post will not disappear altogether. we can still see the post by pressing the show icon.

As a Steemian who still has to keep learning, I make the decision to continue to do activities at Steem and not have to worry about having a downvote. On several posts I was also advised to not pay too much attention to downvotes, but to try to make posts that invite more upvotes. That way we don't mess around with downvotes that occur. Moreover, then we see that the downvote does not reduce income.

Even though the Steem price is low, Keep Steem On

It's been a while that the Steem value is less than $ 0.2. This is one of the biggest factors of the decline in Steemian activity. many of the Steemian measure a work of dollars. this makes disappointed then discouraged and many are lost from circulation. even though there is still much that can be done when the Steem value is low. With low grades we can get Steem easily. this could be an investment that will be profitable one day. When buying at a price of less than $ 0.2 we can later sell if the Steem value is already high.
We must remain optimistic, even though currently Steem prices are still very low. but we must believe when we will be back up and hope to be a source of income that brings prosperity together.
That is why we at Steem must stand firm and always active. Because only by being active can we achieve our dreams. in fact, even though Steemian with a large account if you do not do activities at Steem also will not bring benefits to yourself and others.

So let's Steem On

Thus my writing this time can be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Hi @rokhani

Thanks for great description of my digital image

My pleasure @xpilar

Good post.
Highlighting these words.
"As a Steemian who still has to keep learning, I make the decision to continue to do activities at Steem and not have to worry about having a downvote"

Yes I Learn that we must work harder instead complain about downvote.
Thank you for stopping by, upvote and comment
Warm regard fro Indonesia

Only good wishes to you @rokhani
Greetings from Venezuela.