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Cris Carter seems to have the right football mindset to discuss and explain to the fans why we should not be worried much for Haskins, Murray and Daniel is just getting easy by poor defense.
Let the blame game begins...

Apparently in the football IQ term, he is explaining each rookie QB and the way they play in the their first preseason game.
As for me I see Daniel Jones as the smartest QB so far.
He made sure he throws the ball well.
If you try to dissect what Carter said about Daniel he could apply to any QB in the league.
Haskins was trying too much to throw the ball.
He has a stronger arm.
Being a QB in the NFL you have to predict the route before it happens.
Most intersections you see derive from receivers not reading the play correctly or QBs not throwing the ball properly.


Sometimes the other team is not ready to play.
As Carter explains the lack of preparations made it easier
for one team to advance and make you look good.
In this case the Jets was not ready to play and give Daniel a pass.
I am not sure this is true from Cris.
As a fan Daniel did really good.
If he continues to play that way, that is even better.
Daniel did play well.
By the way Giants could have to bench Eli and put Daniel as a starter QB.
Eli had five bad seasons, it is about time for some good old football in the big apple.
All I want is good Football.


I am pretty sure Kyle is moving pretty good.
His style is like this guy belongs in the NFL.
I was worried for his size but his mobility is what any team wants.
Murray has been drafted to play in the MLB.
He was picked 9th overall last year by the As.
Bonus money were giving to him.
He did so good with his team in college, the Sooners,
earned a Heisman trophy and first overall pick in the draft.
Money wise Murray is doing way better than baseball.


Haskins was doing very good with his team in College.
He is allowed to wear #7 even though this number was retired since the 80s.
He is picked on the draft 15th overall.
Not too happy being draft third as QB.
He is playing close to home, which is half an hour drive.
In the NFL rookie QBs are learning in year one and continuously.
All three will do the same this year and improve to make their team and the game better.

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