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I took and post-processed myself the entire photo-set in this post.

WARNING: All the photos are copyright-protected.

Hello Steemians!

Last Days I was thinking about my next post. Remain 1 day before the Winter coming in my zones, so I decided to share my last pictures with an autumn-centrally subject. But I said my self, why don't create a simple contest?


These days I will share some shots, as I said, the last of the autumn. So, I'll share them under the tag #autumnends. I invite you to do the same, following some simple rules.


1. Create a post with your autumn-centrally subject photo and share it under the tag #autumnends

2. In the title, mention Autumn Ends (as I did in my post)

3. The first photo of the article will be the valid photo for the contest.

4. The contest started 6 days ago and now I decide to postpone the finish to 24 hours from now due to the low participation. Every day I published a post with one or more images under the tag #autumnends, repeating the rules.

- I will choose some images - at the moment set at 10 - and the authors will be the finalists. I'll publish a post with all them and I will choose a single winner to which I'll award the prize.


3 STEEM for the winner and 1 DERANGED.COIN each finalist.

All clear? Good. If you have any questions, write in the comment section. Now, you can view my post and consider it as an example.

So, another time Hello!

This is an entry for the #autumnends contest by @davidesimoncini, a contest reserved to the autumn-centrally subject's photos in the last days of the autumn.

Photo by Smartphone

I took this shot 2 or 3 weeks ago when I was walking along the Frigido River. I took several shots and the bigger part is in one of my previous posts, I published in the #stemsunday initiative. I photograph this leaf resting on the ground and applied some adjustment levels to create a black and white cover.

The second cover for the photo: a color cover with a soft vignetting and a rebalance of the whites cross 2 different adjustment levels.

In the last, another monochrome image with a bluish background and an orange flare.

I hope you enjoy this post.

I am waiting for you. Follow the rules and Join the contest!

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the simple b-w version clicked here for me.

Beautiful photograph of leaf. i like black and white edited photograph. Good work.

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Many thanks 🙂

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A very good entry here my friend.
Good luck in the challenge!

Thanks, I appreciate

My pleasure friend!

Good opportunity to try to participate. Thank you.

Thanks to you :)